Question for traders in the IRC #AHG only

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    I am currently reading through the AHG thread and am on page 454. Can I find the old logs you are talking about somewhere later in the thread, or are they somewhere else?

    I'm looking for all materials SusanaDT (b/c of her wonderful original PA thread) or AHG related.

    That AHG thread is a fantastic, monumental work. I'm hoping that the logs can add something to that.

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    Thanks, Jashanno!

    Holy smoke, four hundred more pages to go!
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  4. Considering Anek does not want any new members in this room and hoping curiosity did not kill the cat, can I ask how the AHG room did today on such special trading day, particularly how Anek dealt with such monumental range and commentaries of live calls.

    I believe days like to days make or break traders.

    So, how did it go with the AHG-ers ?
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  5. You'd probably choke if I told you.

    Monumental is correct.
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  6. "Holy shit" was my immediate reaction :eek:
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    Any chance to get Anekdoten's annotated charts for Monday and Tuesday posted here?.

    Thanks in advance.
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