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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Incognito, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. This is a very incorrect thing to say. Although I haven't been in the channel for a few months you are not accounting for the importance of screen time and your OWN development as a trader. The AHG thread will give you the foundation to develop your own trading style and minimize the time wasted. Sure one on one tutelage from Anek will minimize the time taken. But he can not put in what god has left out :D

    This response is not for you incognito but to those your post may mislead.
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  2. jashanno


    I'm not bitter at all. I appreciate everything Anek and all of you gave me. In fact me leaving is the best thing that could have happened because instead of trying to keep up w/ the material I took the time to digest everything that I had. I didn't have the time to keep pace because of my job. Every night I read through old logs and find gems that I missed. So thanks 4th, Stavos, Brutus, TG, Sh, etc. for asking the questions and getting the answers that I didn't think of at the time that I am digesting today. I'm very sincere here.

    I am still simming and still practicing but doing very well at it. I profit almost every well who knows yet.
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  3. 4thBorn


    My apologies then...Good luck with your trading Jash :)

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  4. jashanno


    no worries... you too!

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  5. jashanno



    By the way. Thanks for your MEM charts that you posted a while back. I put them back on my charts and have studied then fairly intensely since then. I'm starting to get some good use out of them.


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  6. Incognito,

    Two questions for you.

    - Is this what I teach ?
    - Did I call most of the trades live ?

    If you answer correctly, I could tell you where to reach me :)

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  7. Killed it. As usual. Awesome Anek.
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  8. shakira


    I'm interested in the porn and the donkey. How do I join the channel?
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  9. 4thBorn


    You have to tryout, send us a video. are a girl right? :p
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    Does it matter?
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