Question for traders in the IRC #AHG only

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  1. #1 Does this guy post live calls ? If so, does his shit coincide with his charts and what he posts ? Bottomline can he do what he says he does in real time. Feel free to post anonymously.

    #2 How can I contact him, his PM is locked.

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    U can't contact him, only i can...he's like batman, u need the special light with the bat logo in the center
  3. Born, it's not fair to mislead him.

    First, you must find your way to Manchester. Once you are there go to the old district and find a pub by the name of "Her Majesties Arse." Once you are in there take a seat at the bar and order the 'yellow pigeon.' At this point you must raise your right eyebrow and slip a 50 quid under the bar napkin. Now this is the tricky part. Walk to the back corner where you will see a small table next to a bookcase. The copy of Moby Dick is hollow, pull that out and go to page 428. On the fourteenth line there will be a row of characters that do not belong. This string of letters must be noted for later.

    Now to find the decrypter....

    Hang on, someone is banging at my door, if I don't finish this message tell my wife I lo.....

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    Today in the room Anek introduced an incredible method of entry. What you do is compute a running total of the previous 22 closes. And one of the previous 13. Now here's the tricky part: when the value of the 13 line rises above the value of the 22 line you buy. And reverse for sells.

    He called this a "moving average crossover." This shit is off the hook crazy! Today I made over 0.50 points! And I think I almost beat Anek.


  5. LOL Stav.....

    That cracked me up.

    I do like how this is for us ONLY. haha
  6. Great, thanks for the jokes, bet you guys not even in his room.
  7. Ironically, all the responses are #ahg members. I'd post a screenshot from IRC but I don't want to give you guys today's closing.
  8. OP, Read the journal. All you need is there. Really.

    Except for the secret indicators.:)
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  10. Dude you need to work on the intro :D

    I watched him on #AHG and #tradingspace that daniel talks about.
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