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    I'm considering using Trade-Ideas, any comments?

    They don't have a trial, maybe somebody can post a copy of the screen for gaps up/down for Friday? How reliable their scans and easy or not easy to customize?

  2. i've been using over a year. there scans are ok but sometimes they lag and in many of the scans there's just way to much data. people will say you can adjust the data but there's such a fine line between adjusting too much were no data comes.some people swear by them but i still think a software written scan like one from tradestaion for the exact info you want is better. for instance one scan everyone likes is new 52 week high and lows. the problem with the scan is it shows up day in day out on many of the same stocks or ones that show up every other day. i'd like on that shows stocks that are within 5% of a new 52 week high that haven't seen a new high in 1 year or more as thats powerful when it breaks threw which trade ideas can't do.but for someone who doesn't want to screw with writing a scan they're the best out there
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    Their scans are icon based rather than language based. Takes some getting used to. You need to think about how to mix/match different alerts/filters because a slight change can make a big difference.

    So the level of "customization" is contrained by the limit of the canned filter, not by your own criteria.

    Quick example which Ive posted before:

    You can set TI to scan for stocks when price crosses above/below its 50 or 200 day MA.

    Fairly standard values.

    You cannot change the criteria value. Like say Macd values 12,26. Again fairly standard but not represented.

    Some things you can work around.

    Like your gap request. You will get a large, probably unwatchable list of stocks if you dont set some restrictions.

    You can adjust to filter by price, spread, gap % or $, volume, ATR and many others. That could be useful to you.

    Or not.

    I thought TI had a 7 day trial but I dont see it on their site.

    There are better (more expensive) scanners out there.

    I use it to find very, very specific criteria since it is one of very few scanners that can actually scan the entire market, but then fine tune those stocks with Radarscreen.

    For example using unique scan to TI, I found BBD on 6/29 and EEFT on 6/28. Took a nice chunk from both. Would have never saw either without TI. But to be fair to other real time scanners with a little thinking on your part could have found em too.

    I have experienced some lag and it was down once briefly. But usually it's reliable with just a slight delay (miliseconds).
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    Thank you for your comments.

    How well does it work pre-market and/or post -market?
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    There are a bunch of options for pre and post market. There are highs and lows specifically aimed at that time period. Also the running up and down alerts work in pre and post market.
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    As the previous guy wrote, you have to fine tune the screening requirements until you start seeing only the results you want.

    As for the pre-post market screen, it's pretty good. The day Apple announced that they were gonna be Windows compatable the alert window went nuts and I was able to Jump on AAPL for under $63 pre market. A day or two later it was $72 (don't ask me if I sold it there :mad: )

    I happen to like Trade Ideas because it works for what I need it for. It all depends on the user's needs.
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    I just learned that I can use Trade-Ideas through Scottrade Elite. Do they have the same features when using through Scottrade?

    Also, do alerts update every sec in real time or every 5 min?

    TI is the same everywhere. I use it in Medved QuoteTracker, which also offers TI alerts going directly into a QT portfolio. Best way to use it. With that you can get to see the chart pattern and data for each alert as the alert occurs, when you select those QT features.
  9. TI is real time, so whenever an alert happens, you get it.

    Read up on their statistical weeds out weak signals, but these might be something you trade with...

    It's easy to use, reliable and cheap.

    I use it to get stocks that are setting up...I use Medved QT charts and paintbars to pinpoint the entry.
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    I just noticed that the last and negative opinion about Trade-Ideas was posted by a moderator and it looks like spam. Very strange for a message board like this
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