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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ArchAngel, Mar 27, 2002.

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  1. Just got another not too useful email from Online Trading Academy introducing a Fernando Gonzalez who has apparently come back to write for them.

    His opening paragraph infers that your (Tony's) success in the market is derived from his teaching you to trade.

    Just curious how much truth there is in that claim.
  2. Looks like Tony Oz is nothing more than an OTA protoge.

    Fernando Gonzalez is da man.

    Tony Oz is his student.

    Sammy Chua is also his student.

    Read it yourself. It is all there in OTA's email.
  3. nkhoi


    even if it was true, the student had become the teacher.
  4. Oh please.

    Traders Library doesn't even carry Tony Oz's books. That just goes to show you!
  5. I did not see this supposed email but...I also know Tony Oz personally. I know most of the OTA people as well. Further, I have been a speaker at Daytraders USA (DTUSA) as have others on this thread. OTA/DTUSA/Irvine CA.... kind of like one big happy dysfunctional family of traders/trainers.

    Here is the weird part. In early January of 2002, Tony was the scheduled speaker at DTUSA but he got the flu, so Fernando Gonzalez stepped in to speak at the last minute. Well I remember talking to Tony that week and specifically asking him who Fernando was and he (Tony) said he had never met him and did not know much about him.

    Tony Oz has never even met Fernando Gonzalez, yet Fernando claims him as a student of his! This is simply not true and the fallout of this statement, if in fact it was made, will be interesting. I know Tony is out until next week, so we will have to wait to see what his reaction is.

    By the way, I also know that Tony's books are not available from Traders Library (as if this makes or breaks one's credibility anyway) because they would never pay their bills. Always two sides to every story huh.

    PS Hey NEO I have never stopped wondering who the "count" is to enlighten us now that a few months have passed?
  6. Splat


    They are available - at least the one I bought is !
    I bought a Tony OZ book just a week ago from traderslibrary.


  7. Splat


    I just thought I'd check after posting the previous post. It seems
    they are not available anymore. However I bought 'The
    Stock Trader' from them and had it delivered about a week
    ago... Sorry for the mistake.


  8. DATTrader -

    Thanks for the info. Will be interesting to see what Tony has to say when he gets back.

    BTW, here's the excerpt from the OTA email entitled "Fernando's Kickoff":

    "...Some of you might remember me from the old days of OTA. Many of my students from that time went on to achieve their own levels of successes in the markets, the names of which include top Nasdaq trader Jason Hou, Sammy Chua, Tony Oz..."
  9. ...Hello Gentlemen:

    There has been a mix-up in my newsletter regarding Tony, and a clarification will be issued on the next one. I am sorry for any confusion, as there was no harm meant. It's a mix-up. I have the utmost respect for those mentioned, including Tony - and all fellow traders for that matter. We have been in touch with Tony, who is quite professional about this minor issue.

    ArchAngel: So sorry you find my stuff "not too useful." What do you think I should do to change that for this "free" newsletter? Your comment is valuable to me, please feel free to send me your critique! ;)

    DATTrader: Tony and I have met at OTA a couple of years ago. We were introduced by Eyal Giladi. They have known each other from way back...

    ...Hope this clarifies some things, and we get back to business...

    Good Luck to all:

    Fernando Gonzalez
    #10     Mar 28, 2002
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