Question for those of you that believe Obama about OBL

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  1. I know some of you love Obama so much that you believe everything he says as if he gave you solid undeniable proof that we killed Bin Laden in that raid....I just have one question for you.

    Suppose instead of us that got him,it was the Pakistani's. Imagine everything happened exactly like it did, but it was Pakistans president Zardari that told us they got him with their special forces and that they did DNA and then dumped his body in the ocean. Everything exactly the same. Would it still be as believable to you?
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    I can't believe how stupid Obama is <s>some</s> all of the time. So far there is No, Zero, Nada evidence the Seals even saw Osama, let a lone killed him.
  3. That's actually a pretty good point.

    But - if you back it up even further, how do we know that bin Laden was even behind the 9/11 attacks then?
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    I'll play along. What would you accept as 'solid undeniable proof'? How about Obama send you a finger so you can do a DNA test? oh wait, that's only a finger, so maybe Obama is still lying....hmmmm, well I don't know. You tell me
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    If you have half a brain on you've lived on the planet for more than 25 years you know that a conspiracy of this magnitude would not last. People can not keep their mouth shut on anything....especially a conspiracy as juicy as this one.
  6. Well, PTT's question may be deeper than that - "Do you just believe what they tell you"?

    And it's true - not just "believing" that bin Laden was killed, but was he even the one that attacked us 10 years ago? Do we just "believe" it was him?

    Sure, he was on video saying he did it - but now we're supposed to believe HIM?? If we all believed what HE said, everybody would be on a global jihad right now!

    So it's an interesting question....
  7. Several hundred million people believed what the leadership in the former superpower of the soviet union told them without question and they believed it for decades. Theres about 20+ million people in North Korea that believe Kim jong ils birth was foretold by a double rainbow and a bird.

    People can keep their mouth shut if their lives and the lives of their families depend on it.
  8. Excellent point. Blame a man for the attacks, then kill him before he has a chance to go to trial and defend himself. Unless you see things with your own eyes, you really only know what you are told. If someone tells you the sky is green and then never lets you see the sky, you either believe them or try to see for yourself.
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    Yo, idiot, Osama bin Laden released tapes taking credit for 9/11. WTF do you need, for him to come to your house and tell you first-hand?

    I gotta say, Bush Derangement Syndrome is nothing compared to Obama Derangement Syndrome. For this to be a conspiracy, a fool has to believe that the entire upper echelon of the military (mostly Republicans) as well as all the Special Force operatives as well as all the Republicans in Congress who've seen the photos are in on the conspiracy. WHY?

    For all you nitwits who insist this is part of Obama's "evil plan" to get reelected, exactly how is he blackmailing all of these Republicans to go along? Be specific or STFU.
  10. What makes you say that many people saw the photos or have access to them? IMO Those photos are worth $5 million a piece. I would be surprised if they don't leak.
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