Question for the copperheads

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  1. Should I wait until the 8,800/ton LME copper price from last summer is retested before going short?

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated?

    Also, what if copper breaks down technically from current levels? Do I wait for a bounce?
  2. Look for a "significant" 2-3 box down breakdown, alot of gaming/timing going on...

  3. I observe profitable results when modeling long term trend following trading of copper futures. The following results are obtained using 40.16 years of historic price data:

    Number of trades 100
    Total profit $ 4716995
    Profit after subtracting $ 10.00 commission, slippage per transaction: $ 4714995
    Heat is 1.00 per cent of equity.
    Greatest drawdown is 0.1336 (13.36 per cent).
    Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is 117.41 per cent.
    CAGR / Drawdown is 8.79
    Information Ratio is 0.19
    Initial capital is $ 100000
    Margin 20 %

    Growth rate is about 117 % and greatest losing streak is about 13 %.

    You might consider longer term trading of copper futures and simple trend following methods.

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    An ancient Egyptian copper fish hook.
  4. Gonna go to the bank to buy a couple of bags of pennies? Loooks like upside today where is the roof? Nice pic is it for sale?

  5. It broke out, pulled back, looks like higher?