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  1. Now sit down and really ponder this for a second.....I need a GOOD answer for this.

    I've heard of plenty of your ridicule of God, and your 10 questions on "if he really did exist". It's all garbage. Now i've got one for you.

    Do you care to explain how the earth by itself, which could NEVER craft anything as intricate as even the faces on Mount Rushmore, could design something as complicated as a human being?

    I mean seriously. Would love to hear your response to this....

    Simply stated.....In order for you to believe in the big bang or would also have to believe that the faces on Mount Rushmore could in fact be made by nature. Heck..that's just a piece of cake too.

    Anyone of you care to field this, or does your mind simply go on auto-pilot when common-sense has to kick in.
  2. There may be a grand creator. There may not be a grand creator.

    I don't know how human beings came about. I don't know if there is a god.

    Knowing is the key word. See the word knowing is quite different from person to person. Knowing is having 100% certainty that the answer is factual.

    I do know one thing about this subject. I know what I know. I also know what I don't know. When it comes to this subject every single person in the entire world truly knows very little. There are people with immense faith but they don't truly know anymore than the average person.

    People love to believe. They love to believe there is a god through faith. They love to believe there isn't a god through science.

    Faith cannot lead to knowing. Science cannot lead to knowing. Only when you have the ability of knowing that you don't know will you cease to question the unknowable.
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    Going by the question you posed, I seriously doubt it .
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    If not knowing is being able to type a really brainless sentence like that out on a computer and send the message off at light speed all thanks to science not knowing, just what the fuck do you imagine knowing is?
  5. It never seizes to amaze me when uneducated people start asking for simple solutions to some of the more complex phenomenons in the universe...

    Yet, with tiny peanut-sized brains it seems people need the simplest of answers, so that they can ignore all the fuzz about "stupid things" like quantum mechanics or something called science, or keep striving to avoid an expanding knowledge. It simply wouldn't fit in a pocket-sized book. Useless retards... :p

    Now go think about that, because the one not thinking is really easy to spot - he keeps asking silly pointless questions and never gets anywhere in life.
  6. birds build nests, beavers build dams, spiders spin webs, humans carve into stone. those faces were in fact made by nature.
  7. Your stupid answer didn't add anything to this thread at all except in your pea-sized brain. What did you do? Sneak across the border to get away from your Catholic family?
  8. It wasn't a "stupid answer" it was a provocative, sarcastic and obnoxious answer that I gave - WITH some content.
    Luckily you missed all that... :p
  9. :confused: You're kidding me.

    lol you're seriously kidding right? Your name fits you well
  10. A poor and rather naive comparison. Mount Rushmore is the result of stone and men with chisels. Human beings and other present life forms, are the result of time (lots of it) coupled with natural selection.

    P.S. Atheists
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