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    I have attached a 15 min chart of Cisco with a 5, 20, 40 ma. The daily chart indicates that the price is below the 5 ma and so the trend is down.

    However, on the 15 min chart (attached) intraday the price moved through the 5 ma for around an hour or so before heading back down.

    Question is would you use this change on the 15 min chart to stop shorting and start buying or would you not buy because the daily trend is still down?

  2. Birddog,

    What is your timeframe. If you're daytrading take your signal from the 15 min. If you are holding for a multi day then the daily is paramount. Also remember that on the 5 day or the smoother 8ema, is a guide of the trend. It can be slightly violated during the day.
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  9. ok, since the markets are closed, let's use the daily time frame. give me one example in the daily time frame, tell me when/why you would have entered today, where your stop is, why your stop is where it is, how you will move your stop, and explain how you will exit with a profit. if you scale/in out or will add to the position, explain all that too.

    i expect this all explained tonight.

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    Using the daily time frame, you would enter a position once the price trades through the simple 5 ma (on a daily chart)

    Your stop would be the 5ma (on a daily chart) - maybe a wiggle below the 5ma.
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