Question for Stock Prop Traders

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by robbo, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I have read loads of post on ET from Stock Prop Traders that trade 2 Million plus shares a month.Thats alot of Shares,when trading that amount, how many cents are you scalping on each trade on average and whats the average size of your stop loss.
  2. In slow months I do a little over a mil a month, on good months over 2 mil. If your job is "professional trader" and you sit at a comp all day, you will find many opportunities to trade and the shares do add up.
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    Hi Steve,you must have been trading when you replied because you totally missed the point of my post.
  4. 'Seems that most 'traders' consider 1 cent per share net profit as very good.
  5. in average id say 5 cents however you always get those days when you make 10 times that or more
  6. i trade about 2 million a month most of the volume comes from afternoon churining :D
  7. It is, if you're trading 100,000 shares in SEBL...