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  1. I need little help on how you setup your screen:

    -Which indexs, emini futures, tick and trin,
    bonds, major stocks or any other short term
    timing tools you us?
    -What time frame used on them?
    -which stock or any other insturments that
    you think are best correlated with the movement of QQQ?

    I already use some of them, but i want to use less
    of them, so my screen does not look like a jungle.

    You can also PM me, if you want to, appericiate
    for any help.
  2. What indicators are you currently using?

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  3. I make my living on the Qubes. "Come into my trading room."

    4 QQQ charts: daily, 60 min, 15, and 5
    ND, SP Futures: 60 min, 3 min each
    VIX, VIXN: 15 min (line chart)
    15 minute charts on the top 15 Nasdaq 100 components

    Q's rock.

    ... also monitor adv/decl and adv vol vs decl vol (naz and dow)

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  4. Thanks for information, but i need little more

    I did not know i have to use ViX and do no
    much about it. I will do my research on it.
    what is VIXN? what the "N" stands for?

    NYSE tick and trin for only?It means you don,t
    use Nasqaq and S&P Tick & Trin.

    What you mean by Dow? $INDU right.

    "15 minute charts on the top 15 Nasdaq 100 components"
    Do you creat basket of 15 most cap-weighted on 15min chart?

    also monitor adv/decl and adv vol vs decl vol (naz and dow).
    What is it good for? which charting software offers it? I searched
    on esignals on advance charting, they also do not have such indicator.

    I use medved QT with iqfeed. Broker Pointdirex.
  5. Does someone knows reply to my 3rd question:

    -which insturments you think that has most correlatation
    to the movement of QQQ?
  6. MSFT

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  7. Nana,

    Tell everybody what charting program your using.

    This way...if someone out there is using the same program as you are and also trading the QQQ's...

    they can simply contact you and email you a copy of their workspace or whatever its called in your charting software.

    I think the following programs allow such copy of workspaces: QCharts, Tradestation, FutureSource, eSignal, MetaStock and SierraCharts.

    This way you get a copy of exactly what somebody is trying to explain to you what their using.

    Cool huh :cool:

  8. omcate


    XLK has great correlation with QQQ for the past three years.

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  9. kernan


    I use RT3 platform. Four charts - 60, 15, 10, 5 - primarily trade off of the 10-min. The only indicators I use are the 34PMA (simple) and trendlines / fib lines that I draw and update on a daily basis. Chart type is candle.

    I don't bother with other stocks, as I only trade QQQ. That is my sole focus, and I don't "muddy the waters" with everything else that you list. Not that I am knocking people who trade that way - it just does not work for me. Simpler is much, much better.

    Good luck.
  10. Redhawk


    this is along the same I thought I would throw it in. How does shorting a stock work? The whole borrowing and paying interest thing has me confused. Doesn't seem as simple as futures, or is it?
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