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    What sites do you use for analyzing potential covered call plays?

    I know there's quite a few programs out there (googled), but was interested in knowing which ones you might recommend.
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  3. Suggest you ask moderator to move this over to the Options Forum and you'll get more responses.

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    I considered posting there initially, but I thought it fit better in the Resources section due to the description of this forum:

    "Talk about the resources available to traders such as books, videos, seminars, web sites, chat rooms, advisory services, etc"

    I understand your point though and will pm a moderator regarding relocating the thread. I'll leave it up to his/her discretion, I guess.
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  6. PowerOption is 59.95 permonth for 20 minute delayed service, and 79.95 for real time. They have a free 10 day trial, and don't require a credit card for it.

    BTW, thanks for these other links, I'll check them out.
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