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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Thunderdog, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. I recently started using NinjaTrader and have noticed that when I use the Cross Hair cursor, the cursor and the attending price marker flicker/blink. The cursor and price marker do not flicker when the data feed is not connected or outside of the trading hours assigned for the chart. Does anyone else have the same issue? And if you resolved the issue, how did you manage to do so?
  2. Surdo


    Keep the data feed connected/change the trading hours if you want "last sale" to blink!

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  3. I do not want the cross hair cursor to blink or the price marker associated with the cross hair to blink. The actual price marker associated with the latest price bar does not blink at all, which is as it shoud be. Sorry, Surdo, but I don't think we're on the same page. Also, there is no fix in the NT forums that I am aware of for this specific issue. I'd like to know if other people are experiencing the same thing.
  4. beyondMP


    I have noticed this also. It seems to have started for me with last update (000.7). Since I don't use the crosshairs much it is not an issue for me. But if you go to NT support forums and post you will get reply and a fix if one is available. Or , go back to the previous version and see if the problem is there.
  5. Well, I did improve the situation, if not exactly fixed the problem. I uninstalled NT and then re-installed it and it seems to be acting better. The cross hair cursor and its associated price marker still flicker, but at a more relaxed rate. In any event, I had spoken with my broker's tech support and they have the same thing.
  6. If you submit to NT support in all likelihood they will have it fixed by the next version's release date.

    They're pretty good about fixing those bugs!
  7. I did e-mail NT tech support. I was told to do a couple of different things, none of which solved the problem. I was then told to delete all of my workspaces and then reconstruct them from scratch. Since the issue exists even with my broker's tech support, I figure I'll just stay with it as it is for now. In any event, NT is aware of the issue, so hopefully a subsequent version will fix the flicker.