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    I am looking into this software and it looks really good. I had a few questions on the speed of the back testing and optimization.

    Back testing
    1) How long does it take to produce a back test report?
    2) How much data was tested? Example -5 min bars – 5 years back.
    3) Was the test run over bar or tick data?

    1) Did you use Brute or Genetic optimization?
    2) How many inputs?
    3) How much time did it take to produce results?
    4) How much data was tested?
    5) Was tick or bar data used for the test?

    One more questions. Does anyone have an idea of how any users they have? I will probably have more questions later. Thanks
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    I'm going to try it, one strategy on one instrument, that is what I'm trading manually now. They are going to have a script that works from indicator code and no need to convert it to a strategy, that is my preferred way.

    I'm not so sure about the issue of multi strategies per instrument being a problem with actual trading, as long as you never issue a "go flat" order. It is more of an issue with keeping results separate isn't it?
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    be careful, currently the autotrade function is only a beta tester. It does not support all the trading functions. e.g. it can only execute market orders. NO limit orders yet. Even if your script specified a price, it will be processed as a market order. (but their doc didn't tell you that.)
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    i have tested it fairly extensively. the problem is more than go flat orders. bottom line is that if you have more than one strategy per market, auto-trade will not work properly.

  7. It depends on the number of trades. If there are several hundreds of trades the report will appear almost instantly.

    MultiCharts is capable of loading millions of bars. So 5 years of minutes is not a problem.


    Back-tester will use minute bars

    1.) Both kinds of optimization are available.
    2.) It is possible to use 19 inputs right now, but this number will be increased to hundreds in the next version.
    3.) It depends on a strategy’s complexity and the number of bars. MultiCharts use all available PC cores so it is fairly quick.
    4.) Several millions of bars don’t produce any problems.
    5.) IT depends on type of compression you select.
  8. You misuse the program and claim that it is unusable! MultiCharts auto-trading core must be as simple as possible to be reliable. We don’t want to make the system overcomplicated and track unnecessary things. You are the first user who needs such functionality and I’m not aware of any system that treats orders the way you wish.
    At the same time MultiCharts allows you to create strategies that will take into account entry/exit conditions from different data streams/resolutions. You should use global variable or ADE DLL.
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    This functionality is absolutely important. I just don't understand why you don't see this. Many system builders will not even bother evaluating Multicharts if it can't handle multiple strategies on a single contract. Perhaps this is why you haven't received more requests. They are simply not even bothering to contact you.

    Tradestation + TraderAssistant can do the job. You need to build a TraderAssistant for Multicharts.

    Lastly, I want to say that my experience with the other parts of Multicharts was very good. I am not trashing the software.

    Tell me, if someone wants to trade two automated strategies on a single contract, what can he do?

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