Question for Mr Hershey

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bigbadbaz, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I'm sure all your followers would love to see you calling trades in realtime and seeing SCT in action as it's designer intended

    Hotcomm perhaps with your own live charts? I'm sure it would clear up all the confusion and questions Spyder is bombarded with every day if the members could see the originator in action and follow the process in realtime
  2. Hmmm the silence is deafening
  3. That's a great idea, looking forward to it
  4. Can we please move this pathetic loser to chit chat ONCE AGAIN? His obsession with Hershey is unprecedented and very unhealthy, and mostly just really f-ing annoying. I would put him on ignore except he just creates alias after alias and posts the same pathetic posts.
  5. Or you could use your own will power and exert self discipline and ignore such posts .. cant see you ever being profitable if you cant control yourself.. your frustration is most likely more to do with being unprofitable than anything I can possibly cause you to feel
  6. I see you are back to creating new aliases to chat with and defend yourself with. Another pathetic tactic but really I cant say I am surprised.

  7. If you were profitable I'd be water off a ducks back.. you've exposed yourself, not me
  8. Haha, this Trader28 poster reminds me of that little boy in gradeschool who has a giant crush on a girl and the way he shows affection is by pulling her hair, name calling and the like.
    Just a glace from the surface, it appears Trader28 poster is that little boy and Mr. Hershey's knowledge/method is that prize and he so badly wants to know how to trade his method but cant so now he resorts to creating all these threads hoping to somehow get some vital info.

    Quite humorous! :)
  9. LOL, I see you are using the same phrase that T28 always uses "water off a ducks back". You've truly exposed yourself this time champ.

  10. Yeah thats a really uncommon saying.. in fact I think I'm the only one that ever uses it :p
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