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Is moderator Joe fair in regards to criticism of the resident troll?

  1. No. He is obviously in the troll's camp, like resinate.

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  2. Yes, he is adjudicating objectively.

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  3. Not sure.

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  1. Apparently the alcoholic pedophile troll is complaining to the powers-that-be that its feelings are being hurt because certain ET members are daring to criticize it for its disgusting posts, including pedophilia.

    As a result, moderator Joe has threatened via PM to ban those who even respond to the pedophile troll!

    Joe, if you're going to ignore repeated requests to at least warn the troll to cease such posts, and have instead decided to allow the sick creature to post about the rape of children, shouldn't you at least allow those who disagree that child rape is okay to voice their opinions?

    Is that not reasonable?

    Or are you going to go on the record here and state that, here on ET, a pedophile-defending troll has greater rights than those who oppose its views?
  3. Joe the "fair," "objective" moderator:


    Wow, complete and utter verification that the resident troll is being protected by Joe.

    One must wonder what favors have been exchanged to consumate this unholy alliance.
  5. hughb


    I just realized that you have about a 1/2 dozen peodphilia threads going right now. Go get some help dude, you got a problem that Joe can't help you with.
  6. I just realized you're very dumb.
  7. Joe wrote on 04-01-09 04:12 PM:
    I thought it was clear, no Zzzz.

    You were banned today, if you mention Zzz again you will be banned for a longer period of time, next is a 48 hour ban.



    More displays of objectivity from the troll's bodyguard, oops, I mean "moderator."
  8. Those glass houses are really something, aren't they, hapless?
  9. Coming from you, this is classic!!

    I'm merely asking that the troll not be able to post anything about pedophilia. You, on the other hand, started a thread demanding the troll be banned and claimed its pedophilia posts were the main reason you had done so:

    You're such a self-righteous POS. But you knew that already...
  10. FYI Joe is not a moderator. He is an admin. I have been on forums where you actually PAY to post and people got banned there for nothing. So you are actually being treated with kid gloves considering the admin can kick you out for any reason he wishes.

    Realistically, proliferation of threads discussing pedophilia cannot be good for this site. I cannot say I saw threads that started it all so I cannot render my judgment on this subject.
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