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  1. Hello Mav,

    I would PM you this question but it said your inbox was full. If you don't mind me asking do you use your own version of the ACD methodology as your primary trading system?

    This entire time I thought for you were a pairs trader until I ran across your posts on the ACD thread.

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    Matthew, yes, I use my own version of ACD but at it's core, it's the same methodology Fisher uses. I simply have expanded on Fisher's work to include more macro levels. How you trade it is up to you. It's still a methodology based on price, time and volatility.
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    I see your postings on craigslist in every single city everyday of the week. Do you have a automated program that auto posts job listings for you? I have no idea how your capable of doing this unless you have 20 interns over there lol
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    Wrong Maverick. LOL.
  5. Don't get Maverick74 mixed up with Maverick Trading. They are two different things to my knowledge. Maverick74 is an independent pro who makes his living as a trader.

    I am not trying to kiss Maverick74's ass but he is the real deal, if you go back and read many of his posts about trading it is more useful to me as a prop trader than most of the material out there. The guy should write a book...seriously....
  6. How do you see them all? Do you have 20 interns reading Craigslist?
  7. My friend Maverick74, actually born in 1974 as far as I know, is a straight up guy, knows the industry very well. I'm sure he's not not on Craigslist or anything similar.



    Edit: I hope this answers the Emails I've received today as well.
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    I think they are referring to Maverick Trading, the firm that sold education disguised as a prop firm. I think the feds are after that guy. Not to be confused with Maverick Securities which supposedly is a legit firm. No affiliation of course.
  9. I understand completely. No worries everyone, as I said, Mav is the real deal. Many know his name, but I prefer to keep his confidential status with me.

    And, to the last couple of emails. If you guys who say you're on ET, and want to know "inside info" on any of my traders....well, it's not going to happen. As a professional, I keep my traders info private.

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    My bad! I assumed Maverick was the trading company.
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