Question For Matrox Users...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by version77, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. I have AMD instead of Intel. I have an integrated AGP graphics
    card. I have two available PCI slots. Matrox advises to use a PCI
    card with Intel on their website. So the question is: Can I add a
    PCI card or not?

    Does an integrated card mean I can't pull it out and use that
    slot? Otherwise, no AGP for me? The slot/card becomes useless
    because I have to disable it?

    I want to use a dualhead card. Or maybe I could just add a
    single head PCI if I am able to and use it for the second
    monitor? Could I also use the 3rd PCI slot to add a 3rd monitor
    by adding a single card PCI card?

    Anyone have any experience with integrated graphics cards?
    And if it is a bummer, let me know ASAP!

    Oh, by the way, my computer is the dreaded Compaq... I have
    two of these turkeys...

  2. Babak


    if you go to their website ( you can find a messageboard that the company has set up to answer such questions. The board is frequented by techies inside and outside the company. You will need to register but it only takes 20 seconds.
  3. Hard to believe they have to be closed for the weekend...

  4. paulblank


    Is there a way to shut down the computer and get both monitors to shut down with a matrox card. When I shut down the computer the main monitor goes off but the second monitor does not. It has a gray band across the middle of it. Thanks for your help.

  5. I am using an Athalon on one computer with an Matrox dualhead agp card and an ATI pci video for a third monitor. I havent tried to add a fourth but I don't see why it wouldn't work. It would have to be something other than another ATI card though because Win2000 has a problem with two ATI cards for some strange reason.