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  1. What was your reaction to 9/11, when it occured?
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  4. lol gunslinger why didnt you pm me, your message dissappeared under all the new topics. And to answer your question I was freaking happy...*signal sarcasm*. Seriously I was sad and shocked like everybody else. I was horrified of the sight of men jumping out the windows and people burning alive. However that does not excuse what happened after 911. How america justified destroying a country and causing literally over 150 K deaths in the iraq alone. And that is not including the injured. It is like a white man going out and killing a black man for another black mans crime. And then going out and killing their family and butchering their neighbors. And all sane people would say that is crime.


  5. Not everybody else was "sad and shocked", I actually heard people say'" see thats what they get for sticking their noses in everybodys business" as events unfolded.
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    I'd like you to back up that 150,000 death toll. Or if it's an amalgamation, itemize it. You know, like direct deaths versus indirect.

    I have never seen that number anywhere. Are you adding in the so called "sanction deaths" from the 90's?
  7. ror, civilians deaths are calculated at 1400+ every freakin' month; go figure how much that has piled up.
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    Yes, but that's sectarian violence which is nothing new in Iraq only intensified mostly due to the mosque bombing earlier this year.

    I know, there are those conspiracy theorists who would like to say it was the Mossad who blew up the mosque. And well, muslims do enjoy a good conspiracy...

    But civilian deaths due to direct Coalition activity are quite low in comparison.

    I'm not looking to justify the war. Just wondering where that 150,000 figure comes from.
  9. ddunbar, the death toll in iraq has been in the thousands and nobody knows how high it is. Just a few days ago 100 decapitated bodies were found. And that was just in bagdad. The us military does not take record of civilian deaths. You have to admit when you heard 100 bodies were found it did not flinch you a bit.

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    The invasion of Iraq has certainly facilitated the sectarian violence there. Is the invasion and disposal of the Baathists the cause of violence? Of course not. The blame rests squarely on Islam.

    The Bush administration is not guilty of genocide in Iraq. Rather the U.S. is guilty of giving Muslims too much credit! A "normal" society would be stoked at the removal a totalitarian despot who represented a small minority of his nation. A constitutional form of government allowing for power to be shared among disparate groups would be embraced in most any non-Islam nation.

    However since Muslim's are murdering, ruthless, intolerant, anti-liberty beings, any attempt to civilize them will be futile. When I hear of 100 Muslim's being decapitated it horrifies me that violence so widespread can be systematic to a culture. That being said, the rational part of me feels the same way about dead Iraqi's as I would about a pit-bull being killed by a car. Sad but ultimately good riddance.
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