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  1. alicolba


    Hey jack some of your threads seem very interesting specially the one about your possible trading book!(is it done yet?)

    I am a total newbie and i wanted to get some advice from you.

    I know basics about trading i know how MACD and stockhastic wworks and am very ccurious about some indicators you can pay for that are new and are supposedly better than these 2 popular ones.

    For now all i want to do is make profit because learning takes time and i am willing to spend time doing that as i go along.

    In your opinion if i stick to basics such as macd and stockhasticc like iindicators in combination with proper stop loss and proper trailing for profitable trades i should be making money right?

    due to cutting your losses short and proper trailing the probabilties work for me right?

    This is how i see it and if there is anything you would recommend to boost my leaning curve and also at the same time allow me to make profit as i learn would be perfect for me.

    All and any criticism would be appriciated by you or anyone else.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Turok


    >For now all i want to do is make profit because
    >learning takes time and i am willing to spend time
    >doing that as i go along.

    Oh, my.

  3. alicolba


    lol i know but you never know please correct me if i am mislead!
  4. Turok


    Well, the profits generally will not come parallel with the learning. We all would like to "just make a profit for now" and then "learn as we go", but it just doesn't work that way.

    Doctors/Lawyers/Engineers, et al aren't hired first and then taught while they collect a salary and trading is only more brutal.

    The magical indicators you seek don't exist. The ones that do exist don't tell you what to do. The road ahead will likely kick your ass like it kicks most everyone elses. Prepare to pay your dues in hard work, frustration and $$$$$$$$.


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    quote of quote;

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    so what is the question?
  7. alicolba


    I basically quit my job because i have some income on the side now and i know i have capabilty of being a good trader i just wanted the learning curve to be jacked up to the max!

    I have alot of time to do this besides reading reccomended books and practicing all day what else?
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    How do you know?
  9. jrkob


    You should have kept your job.
  10. I am an unofficial, unauthorized, part-time librarian/editor of Jack's material. If there's a book coming out I would probably know about it. I don't think there is one. However, I was pondering publishing a free bootleg called "JohnnyK's Unauthorized Best of Jack Hershey" sort of thing for some time period. This would simply be the edit I'm putting together for myself.

    I say unauthorized because for myself, the editing is let's say, truncated and reorganized through lots of cut and paste. The result is something easy for me to understand, in Q & A format. I correct all the gramatical and spelling errors, and then reorganize paragraphs and sentences to flow for max understanding. I don't know how Jack would feel about me hacking around with his stuff. It's something I consider doing as a payback to the community for the info I've gotten gratis.

    I might need a show of hands to give it one more push. The last two months has seen Jack contribute some great new detailed information. But it's a lot of work to get it down to a Word file(s) that can be zipped up and placed here on ET.

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