Question For IB Reps

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by maxitronixy, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Im intrested in using Interative brokers for my comex gold trading

    Please tell me the symbol, transaction cost( comission for buy and sell together) Does Ib have an excectuion only platofrm or do you have a charting software as well?

    Im also very concerned that I will get phsicaly dilivery for my trading on comex gold, which I can't afford, (1000*100 USD)

    Hence I want to know If IB will liquidate my gold contract if Im (for some uknown reason) still having a position at contract expirary.

    Will ib ALWALYS Liquidate the contract before that month expiries?
  2. Surdo


    What would prevent you from closing the position prior to first notice day?

    I think you are much better off trading physical coffee.

  3. I want a answer before I make a commitment in the worse case senario.Can you imagin if I wake up to a dilvery bil for (1100*100USD)?

    Trading COFFEE?

    None of your nonsence please.
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