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    How does it come that when I submit a new best bid on , for example, a globex corn option, my order doesn't show in the book and level 1 and when I join the bid, my order is showing( size increases ).

    Is my order entered in globex in both cases? Will my new best bid be filled first even if it doesn't show in the book?

  2. Welcome to the fluke of CBOE.... I think if you are between the bid and ask your order is held to see if it can be matched. This is a game I tend to play, "figure out where the orders REALLY are..." Often with IB and CBOE I will get better prices than I submitted.

    You need to adjust and figure out where the orders are. I tend to send out a few test orders that might get filled. From there I will adjust as necessary.
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    Problem is it is on globex , not CBOE. I guess it is just a data problem. In fact, it seems it doesn't show when size is too small( I submitted 1 here ). How can I change that?
  4. Sorry, I trade the globex as well, and meant CME/CBOT. I keep confusing the two. Just today I wanted to exit some spreads could not, tweaked the single legs and all worked fine.

    Why do you need to show up on the book? Does it really matter for you? All you need is confirmation from IB.
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    If it's just a data problem then it's a non issue, but I want to be sure my order is submitted as I am providing liquidity.
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    ids? def?
  7. I have been accessing IB with no problem from IE 8. Starting yesterday morning I am locked out of IB and TWS from IE 8. I now get HTTP 501/HTTP 505 errors saying they can’t get your web pages. Yours is the only web pages I can’t access. :confused:
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  9. Sorry to respond so late. Quick answer your orders are being submitted. But they might not show up on the book. The best I can guess out of this is that they are being held for potential match up. Its only on the CBOE that I have this problem.