Question for Grob/Hershey....

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  1. Question for Grob/Hershey...

    RichTrader, what a piece of work you are. SO CLEAN UP THE GARBAGE! That is your job, NO??? I volunteered to be a mod so I could do what YOU and others like you DON'T DO but the cronies up top considered me a troller! WTF! It is the blind leading the blind around here with screw ups all over the place, the sick helping the sick and that's why these threads get screwed cuz people who are put in place to take control sit at their chairs and eat donuts... There's a reason why Baron kept the original thread open. ET runs largely on ads and you can see the view count is high for the original thread. That is AD $$$ for ET just like any other internet ad scheme!

    You're a real work of art. GO AHEAD! Ban me for all I care. So you did the lazy thing and just closed the thread. WTF! You are like the cops who profile me because I live in an upscale neighborhood and where suits and drive late model cars. I never understood how it is that someone without a college degree can go on to uphold the law and then educate me on how it is their duty to protect ordinary citizens from someone who appears to stand out unconventionally. You're pretty much in the same boat after sampling your posts. How can a mod with little to know knowledge let alone skill police these forums. Stop being lazy and just clean out the CRAP or better yet, ban the trollers, or do ET favor and hang up your mod hat...

    Here's an ET CLASSIC thread of yours which you didn't close...
    "CLASSIC" better yet "TYPICAL"!
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    ditto ! - I and MANY others who contribute check this thread 20 times a day - an advertiser's dream come true and what does einstein do, he closes the thread - amazing ! The folks over at the DMV look smart by comparison

  3. So really the message that is being sent by the purveyors of ET is:

    If you don't like the content of a thread, use a bunch of aliases to derail the topic, abuse the participants, and conduct whatever manner of mayhem you can. Eventually, you will get enough complaints that the moderators will shut the thread down.

    I don't have many posts, but what I did post was constructive 99% of the time. I tried to use the system in place to deal with issues that arose. Apparently, that isn't how things are really supposed to work. That's fine. My time is valuable to me, and obviously not to those in charge here. Hence, it's better spent elsewhere.

    If the moderator had taken the time to do his job, he would have seen that there were a core group of people working on several topics. Constructively, politely, cooperatively.

    If the moderator had taken the time to do his job, he would have seen that the last 10-15 pages included people who had almost never before posted on the thread, and their posts were mostly OT and or flames.

    If the moderator had taken the time to do his job, he would have seen that Baron himself had spent an hour+ attempting to restore the thread, after other detractors had conducted themselves in a similar manner.

    Honestly Baron, this is your business. Your moderators aren't helping you out in this situation. If I were you, I would be rethinking my moderator SOP.
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    I think this quote needs no explanation ...
    • <FONT face="Comic Sans MS">Mozart was brilliant. Salieri was mediocre. What's more, Salieri knew Mozart was brilliant and that he was mediocre. And as the story develops in flashback, told by an aged Salieri, confined to a mental hospital after attempting suicide, we see that this is a story of mediocrity attempting every subterfuge to destroy brilliance. Didn't he, Salieri, renounce the pleasures of the flesh, and promise eternal piety, in exchange for the gift of music? How, then could God favor this "giggling, dirty-minded creature," this Mozart, over him?

      In essence, Salieri becomes the hero of mediocre artists. "I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint. Mediocrities everywhere...I absolve you." He champions those who could never understand why someone else was blessed with a gift he could not grasp.
    But you need some brain to be a Salieri.
  5. Mozart performed his art for the enjoyment and wonderment of all. Grob wisely demurs when the subject of his giving a command performance of his art arises as the topic. As to his ability to actually perform, well there's the rub. True believers simply believe because it fulfills their hope that success will come to them eventually if they do the "process" enough. Sceptics say "if you can do it, it aint braggin". So far it seams (grobspelling) Grob is just bragging. So to equate Grob with Mozart, Grob would have to actually perform, til then the comparison lies only in ones imagination. Based on Grobs ET postings, my guess is that the real comparison of Grob's ability to trade the ES is to a guy who can play chopsticks poorly rather than Mozart.
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    Richtrader belongs in the ET hall of fame!! Good job, Rich. You've done these guys a bigger favor than they may ever know. I bet not one of them ever sends you any cash for saving them from the market.

    Four-hundred and fifty-six pages of nonsense/socializing. Should have been in Chit Chat long ago.
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    Does it sound familiar?
    • People were jumping and dancing on the burning Humvees because of the hatred towards the Americans ...
  8. I have taken a 5k account to over 200k in a little less than two years trading primarily rockets so youre going to have a pretty difficult time convincing me they dont work. I'm really glad I did not try to backtest them first as I might have given up. It is quite amazing how we are accused of being obsessed but the Jack haters seem to be totally obessed in the opposite way. They cannot let go either. LOL. I have had it with this crowd. If you guys decide to move to a different venue please let me know. ciao.
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  10. Judging by the comments I'm seeing, the trollers must have followed suit since the number of posts I see is different from the number of replies posted to the thread. It is funny cuz these same cronies must have me on their list of persons to follow with regard to posts, otherwise, why would they make the effort to locate this thread unless they were looking for it for their own cowardly reasons. Surely, one of the trollers who followed suit is the multi-alias cronie and some of the other older nonsense posters. Why they follow us around makes no sense if they regard what I do as nonsensical.

    The flipside is that I'm sure you realize the irony, Easy, the MINORITY VIEWPOINT! :cool:. There persistence confirms a minority viewpoint. Let the trollers represent their MAJORITY viewpoint. They provide confidence and a means of knowing that there viewpoint is different and, well, ordinary (ie. duplicated by many others). The flaming just means it is an exceedingly minority viewpoint and just more confirmation on top of confirmation. Why do they stick to their guns and make assumptions about what we do or know when in fact it is all here laid out in full? It is ironic for sure. The backtester showed up and backtested that your results are contrary so the backtester goes no furthur. That is the majority viewpoint to not debug (ie. their equivalent of debrief).

    The obsession irony is interesting. What these trollers don't get is that the market is exactly like any other type of market construct. You make purchases and use tools to make money. Some folks purchase tweezers. Others purchase hammers. A majority purchase swords to fight. And then there are some of us who build our own tools that add tools to complete an already distinctive tool set. So we are not interested in what they do but for whatever reason, they choose to take sides against what we do which is more than 99.9% of ET posters... How many of them can establish the effectiveness of their tools??? Backtesting won't answer that question for them... Experience does...

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