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    Hi Grob,
    I have been reading your posts with some enthusiasm. You seem to offer a way out of the cubicle labyrinth I seem to be trapped within.
    Could you tell me a bit about your history and the results your students have found pursuing your way of "knowing how to know"?
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    Let me answer your Q's. Hershey/Grob has been around since the usenet days. If you Google groups and search for Jack Hershey, you'll find some of his previous postings. Do a search on "james fowler" on Google groups and limit the searches to misc.invest.futures. You will find a nitwit from Harvard becoming gut hooked on Grob's bait trying to hash out a workable scheme.
    Its all great fun.

    MAK !!!

    The above link sorts the USENET posts by Jack's old email address.

    - Spydertrader
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    you were probably looking for this quote from james fowler:
  5. Just providing a starting point for those that wanted to review Jack's old USENET posts. I normally skip over the posts made by others when reviewing what Jack has / had to say.

    - Spydertrader

    P.S. Is 106 a different version of the same glider company, or a different aircraft entirely?
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    Yes, its quite amazing the number of people that have been sucked in by such verbose gibberish.

    I can't decide which is more foolish. The people who fall for such things, or the person who spends so much time writing them.
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    Oh man! :D What can I say? ... except Baron, I needs me more space for my ignores!

    Grob106/109/Jack... can you please stick to one of your multiple personalities so I can effectively ignore you?

    I know, I know, then I would need to find another source of comedy but I hear Chappelle's back from his hiatus in South Africa.

    btw, my challenge stands, as made in this thread:


    "As I said, my plate of crow is ready. My bib is on.

    Now, will Jack/Grob, etc. take the challenge?

    Or will he go back to what he does best, evading and insulting?"
  8. I remain "sucked in" and thrilled with the results. While I have yet to review Jack's Methods for trading the Index Futures (and therefore cannot intelligently speak to their effectiveness), I continue to profit using his fundamental principles regarding equities trading. I trade The Hershey Equities Method as my sole source of income, and credit Jack's sharing of his methods as a key component of my success.

    - Spydertrader

    I apologize if the OP of this thread views the above post as Off Topic.
  9. LOL!!! What a troll!
  10. Spyder, ignore this entire thread. 06 is nothing like 09. Watch how far B Team contributions get in this thread. 2 pages deep without an iota of substitive content.

    The real MAK!
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