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    AS USUAL... Typically, mods just move threads to the typical section as opposed to closing threads. Additionally, threads are closed at the initiators request, not participant. Did I miss something? Somehow the mod missed ALL the PV TA across the 67 previous pages and hence the unfounded comment "Where's the TA"

    Back to work!

  2. Great! keep up the great work. Cant wait till Labor day.

    I consider myself a novice with the TLs and really appreciate your posts. The end goal is to have channels drawn in real time on the seven pertinent fractals to give a context unmatched. I have perspective based on cycles more than channels although i know they go hand in hand.

    Thanks again. Just to let you know I will be taking an NLP course in NYC. I c you are in LI and if time/life permits hope to see you there.
  3. I am so glad they are helping. As far as the RT aspect, it is what I do on the 5/2. You can see the timestamps on all the charts I posted, it is a snapshot of my then NOW trading scope and bound. From reading all of your posts in ET, I noticed that the 30M and 5M are aspects of your trading. It is both curious and interesting as to how you also arrived at the 30/5 pair. As usual, I have a few scrapbooks full of things I am getting in gear for Tuesday. I am so glad you touched on the seven fractals as it is also something I am trying to process the simultaneity of change across all seven fractals.

    Kindest Regards,
  4. After reading the above, I can see that there is a wonderful future ahead for all that come into contact with Mak and Bug. Personally it makes a lot of things very worthwhile for me.

    So I am going to pick up the pace a little.

    Here is a picture that is very unpleasant to see. It's attached and speaks for itself in terms of three years of accomplishments. I am going to fill in my credentials as a consequence. I can state that my weekly commissions by my 3rd year of investing were equal to my engineering salary. I was employed at a dominant corporation in the computer industry.

    I have never personally traded contracts on the level of this person. I have never operated at the level of profitability of this person either.

    My next post will be a graphic one that I tried unsuccessfully to communicate recently.

    I stand for excellence and depth of understanding and comprehensiveness of knowledge, skills and experience.
  5. I posted a drill for gaining understanding of the relationship of the YM and the ES.

    It is an essential invention for getting the picture of market operation. I regard it as TA in the context of "holding and reversing. It is not oriented to descretionary entries, mechanical exits and compensating for their high risk with money management all of which I do NOT regard as TA. Nada.
  6. Sorry I have to lower the Q to attach it.
  7. My opinion at this poit is to focus as you are on trading daily. I will work to get the 10 SCT textual streams rolling along with the four appendices.

    It is not going to be possible, as you say (unfounded) to deal with TA in the TA forum.

    By emphasising trading in a trading forum we can back into the TA basis of SCT.

    In ET there is a coming recognition that it is not possible for everyone to trade commodities. In fact, mostly everyone should start with equities for several reasons.

    SCT is different that the CW (Conventional Wisdom). The basic pervasive connection SCT has to the P, V relation is SCT's foundation and as has been stated, CW is the opposite of the P, V relation precept.

    This opposite viewpoint has to add a whole series of non TA fixes to compensate.

    The basic test of efficacy of TA concepts is if they work throughout the spectrum of the separate time durations of the operation of markets. I use seven durations to perform the efficacy tests.

    Thee are no aspects of SCT that have not passed this efficacy test.

    Here in this thread in the Trading forum, we have the capability to set standards of quality. I will make a strong effort to do just that.

    The bottom line is how trading performance reflects quality of the methodology. ET has consistently rejected the prints and logs and charts. That is no longer my concern at this point. The information is on record, searchable and part of the archives that are asscessable. So is the commentary on the facts that were presented. The commentary is based upon where the commentor's operate. That is they view what trading is from a viewpoint that is unable to show there is a comprehension of either the P, V relation nor its manifestation in equities trading nor the SCT or the beginnier or intermediate ramp up to SCT.

    This is an SCT thread. It is not a place for beginners nor intermediates to participate. It is not possible for anyone to respect this as we all know by now. Using advanced beginners as moderators precludes moderation at all. We know this and understand this.

    I am just a support to the trading record being built here in real time where an association of traders are using their methods to trade and they are continuing to iteratively refine those methods.

    Were it possible for people to ask questions primarily, instead of do what they do, the iterative refinement would be better implemented. At this point I conclude that it is not possible for beginners and intermediates to understand the results of the current trading in real time. That will not change.

    I am going to pick up the pace on delivering the basics of SCT trading. I interviewed a new person this week and we purchased a new computer for getting an archiving process formalized here. The terrific illustrations so far are still accessable from the TA thread I will use them as well.

    The four elements of using TA in real time, monitoring, analysis, decsion making, and timely action, is the essence of making money. So trading in real time, supported by methodology segments and iterative refinement should serve everyone quite well.

    I'll make a counterpart for the attached QA/ROI (Quality Assurance/Return on Investment) chart soon.
  8. Stalker et al... Frame Grob's posted pic. On the afternoon of the first day that I put the 2M YM up (some time back), I became calibrated to this cycling and propagating (religious experience). This picture continuously unfolds ad naseum. Note the transistions...

    I diagrammed the sequences with HOLD and REVERSE


    Kindest Regards,
  9. Attached is the basic point of departure for the support this thread can offer.

    It can easily be used by anyone to give first considerations to SCT if they have reached advanced intermediate.

    It is not something for beginners nor intermediates to consider.

    beginners must not participate in market conditions and situations that involve any risk. beginners should restrict their trading to no risk trades only.

    Intermediates can slowly extrapolate beyond no risk trading. They go no further into unknown areas than they can handle simply because they are required to immediately leave the market at thye point where they discover they do not know what is going on in the market.

    This thread is not addressing no risk trading. It is not addressing any type of entry into the market where after eentry, the trader does not know what is going on in the market.

    Soon 11 types of stop strategies will be compared and contrasted using 7 or so criteria. All of this is being presented to demonstrate the precepts of SCT advocated here and NOT to supply protection for ill chosen trading methods (See the TA moderator's high risk low yield approach presented above , for example)
  10. Attached is a break out of the Key words and concepts in SCT.

    I will turn it into a landscape chart with four columns: encapsulation of the key words and concepts; SCT stream references; icons; and key references from books.
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