Question for Grob/Hershey Chit-Chatted!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hypostomus, May 13, 2006.

  1. An outrage! The single most informative thread in recent memory consigned to the scrap heap! I smell conspiracy here! Too many people were making money off of Jack's methods, and the sponsors protested! "How dare they make money off of us!" I demand that the thread be restored to its rightful and respectful place.
  2. Hey vikana,

    I respectfully request you re-assess your judgement of this thread. These guys work hard and more importantly they work together and share ideas.

    The only person that needs to be relegated is HYPOSTOMUS and his 20+ alias'.

  3. Thank you for supporting my petition. I want to see more of their work. I was thoroughly entranced by watching them laboring so diligently to create something in Excel that could have been done so much easier in E-Signal. It was definitely a team effort, somewhat akin to navvies moving a granite block with a sled rather than rollers. ET needs a home for Jack's devotees, and short of creating an SCT header for him, that thread was as good as it gets.
  4. Your devotion to Jack is admirable Hypo. This truly is one of the most bizarre moves I have seen on ET. I cannot imagine Baron condoned it. Im sure he knows that Jack has generated more posts on this board than anyone by far and post numbers are what its all about. I asked vikana to point out the offensive posts but so far he has not obliged. I have read every post in that thread and do not recall anything other than minor bitching and carping at times. Why could not the offending posts simply have been deleted like most other threads. The whole thing just does not make sense.
  5. Maybe Vikana or Baron got an aneurysm trying to understand it or lost money trying to trade it. In any event, it think it is gutless of the faithful to kvetch about the decision in the bowels of Chit-Chat where they get buried deeper every day rather than support my plea here right out in the open. I mean, if I, the Anti-Jack, want it back, that is at least SOME diverse support. (Oh, I forgot, none of them can see my posts!) I am utterly bereft at the thread's tumble from glory. For months it has been the only reason I came to ET. Pricking the pathetic bleats of the "Please hand me a system" sheep long ago exhausted my trove of synonyms for "stupid". Several times a day I would check to see if Jack had posted, so I could enrich my mastery of English syntax and of logical discourse. Oh, the joys I experienced printing his posts, cutting them up into individual sentences, and rearranging the mystical strips to make sense of them. Posts whose proud theme was "I make money, but not by Jacking" warmed my heart. What has become of ET? First DB was banished. Then Jack was humiliated by NWB's failure. Now this. And they try to blame it on me, forgetting that the best thread ever in Psych was thusly unjustly banished. But I don't hold a grudge. Bring Jack back!
  6. Hypo,

    I'm sure many of us have PM'd the powers to be by now and to no avail. So you are not alone in your quest. BTW, you are the second best message board troll I've run across in recent years. Obviously a well-read fella. Second best only because the other guy had a more eloquent writing style and his agenda was more noble. His mission was to expose stock scams - nothing personal and very few personal attacks. It did inflame the masses however (especially if you owned the target stock). Must admit your wit is much better though. Best of luck in your endeavor and may the wind be at your back in your attempts to trash anybody or anything that has to do with Jack....

    Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies.
  7. Thank you, Baron, for restoring my favorite thread!