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  1. Always wondered this....... never knew the answer... can someone(s) please tell me?

    What does the US government invest their money in?

    I know they sell bonds (debt), but how, exactly, for example, does the US gov MAKE the money to pay interest (now at 5.25%?) to those who buy their currency, for instance?

    What are the things the US gov "invests" in? And, if they invest, how much return do they get on their money they invest?

    Thanks for any/all replies ahead of time!

  2. Ths US invest heavily in education, infrastructure, health, science etc.....

    It is also the biggest donor to the world.
  3. Thanks, op007, but too vague for me.

    Can you get more specific?

    How do they invest? And how do they get return on their investment?

    I still am not seeing it.

  4. They print it, pillage their natural resources, export ferocious money sucking multinationals to the four corners of the globe (the earth is flat, so it must be square).
    Then, using this manufactured buying power to monopolise the industries of entire nations on one sided, forced trade negotiations, they "get" wealth.

    Then, they tax the heck out of domestic wage slaves, propping up the "domestic economy" by paying themselves outrageous salaries for appalling , bloody minded and inefficient governance.

    Does that answer your question coinz?

    Theres no "return" on anything, they just take stuff, and call it "economics", its a one way street.

  5. It's a little thing called taxes....that's how the government has so much money.

    Ah I wonder how much money they take in every year....

  6. maxpi


    I think the Catholic church gives away more $ than the US govt. The investments are in a lot of real estate actually. They own a heck of a lot of buildings. In the early 70's there was talk of selling the assetts and paying off the national debt.
  7. Thanks a lot, guys, you've given me something to think about! :D

    I'm starting to see a clearer picture.

    For instance, the gov taxes gas at .30 to .70 cents per gallon. (as per a RD article).

    So, it isn't really like the government "invests" money then gets a profit.

    There's zillions of ways they just "take it" to get money.

    TAXES it seems being the chief money siphoning scheme.

    Add to this manipulated foreign exchange goods (import/export) ways to get money (taxing, again included here) - and the gov probably makes around over 10% a year on whatever they put their resources (money) into.

    I should be the government.


    Coi.... eh, dRaWdOwN