question for experienced full time traders

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TexTrader, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. This is a question for traders who have been trading full time
    for many years.

    Does trading get boring after some time and start feeling
    like a regular 8-5 job.
    Do you guys start wishing I was doing something else.
    Do you guys also don't look forward to mondays like most
    people with typical jobs.

    I have been trading part time for 5 years with pretty good returns. Now I have a feeling that I am over the hump and I am finally starting to see the consistency that is required to make a living out of it.
    At the moment I cannot imagine getting bored of trading, but was wondering if things change when you go full time.
  2. You gotta mix it up some. You can't just daytrade every day. Some days i swing, some days I scalp, some days I research long term. You gotta keep it interesting.
  3. patrickp


    been trading for 5 years and I cant wait for monday morning for the market to open
  4. saxon


    Now why would you mention the issue of boredom on a day like today??

  5. saxon



    I have been trading full time for about 15 years total, both on and off the floor. It is the most interesting job I have ever had, and I would not wish to do anything else for a career.

    But of course, the markets can have periods of both volatility and quiet. I remember that during my days in the index futures pits, the experience reminded me of the way I once heard someone characterize their experience in Vietnam: "Hours of boredom punctuated by seconds of sheer panic!"

    I must admit that I am happier as a screen trader now because it allows you more flexibility in your day. You can trade actively, or do research when the markets are quiet, or take a walk around the block. When you are on the floor, you are more or less stuck there all day waiting for something to happen.

    All in all, trading is a great career...IF you love it. But you HAVE to love it (and that varies from person to person). Most successful traders are more or less obsessed with the game.

    Sometimes obsession can be a good thing.

    Good luck,
  6. patrickp


    which firm are you trading with .having problem with the platform at the firm I am with, lots of down time latly
  7. saxon


    IB mostly, with Refco as a backup.
  8. I agree with Patrick!