Question for European Traders on Internet Access

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by barracuda, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. barracuda


    Does anyone know what are the costs of T1 dedicated service in Spain or other places in Europe these days?

    Is there any other internet service aside from a dedicated T1 that will be quick enough to provide decent execution?

  2. barracuda


    I am asking in terms of being able to trade New York issues, sorry I didn´t specify that.
  3. mmillar


    I suppose it depends what you mean by 'decent execution'. I day trade the ES from the Canary Islands on a 512k ADSL line without a problem.
  4. izeickl


    I think ADSL will be just as good for your needs without the cost, I havent priced a T1 in ages but they were v.expensive. Getting 512k-2Mbs ADSL will cost between something like 35-120 USD per month depending who you go with. Im with was on 2Mbs but didnt use it much so on 512kbs now...Pings to East coast USA tend to be about 70ms..No problem whatsoever in trading. I think anywhere in Europe with ADSL available tho will be pretty decent.

  5. so u feel that quotes are not delayed, not even by a little bit?
  6. I think about moving there sooner or later...which island are you on and what does the adsl line cost you?

  7. man thats living! where in the canaries? are you seasonal there?
    how much rent do u pay?
  8. mmillar


    I'm on Tenerife, near Puerto de la Cruz. About 90 euros per month.
  9. mmillar


    I'm on Tenerife. I moved here in August last year for a couple of years. I'm paying 900 euros per month (all bills included) for a farmhouse ioverlooking Puerto de la Cruz in the north.
  10. you can have a 2M for 30 € /month
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