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Discussion in 'Politics' started by chisox, Jul 15, 2002.

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    why are the ratings for bright trading so poor? Is it true about the equiptment etc.
  2. These postings were simply put up by disgruntled traders or competitors. We have all the best "stuff" that's available. Does anyone really think we could have grown like we have over the last 10 years without having proper technology?

    So many new trading firms look for something to say in an attempt to attract traders, so they look to find something negative to say....that's all it is...

    I've resisted having a couple hundred traders post negatives about other firms, even when we could post true negative facts...but then I would simply be stooping to their level.

  3. Posting true negative facts is stooping to their level? If they are posting true negative facts, then you have no obligation to hold back any facts.
  4. It's when someone posts their "opinions" rather than the facts that bothers me the most. They may describe their points as "facts" but then they turn out to be falsehoods.

    I just prefer not to, the results come out in the long run anyway.

  5. It's probably true that you cannot trust anonymous reviews much. Do what I did ... go visit a Bright office un-announced, and see their computers, overall atmosphere, how they treat you etc.

    I met some real jerks (this was after the close, btw) with serious attitude and it was a deciding factor in not considering Bright. To top it off not a single trader had anything positive to say about about the firm.
  6. Ouch! Can Don fire you from your Moderator job for saying that?
  7. Firing a volunteer :) What has the world come to :confused:

    Seriously, if you don't like the trading office you'd be trading at, why consider joining?

    On a personal note: I was on the phone with Don four about 30 mins or so around that time. I found him insightful and excited, and until I saw the local office, thought I was going to sign up.
  8. Really? I would certainly like to know which office you visited. We have such a mellow group of managers, with the exception of one or two locations (where they appear to be just plain snobbish...ex Specialists). If you or anyone had a bad experience, I would like to know about it. "Unannounced" is not the best way to visit anywhere...
    traders can have bad days too , you know.