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    Don, I've read your posts and you present your case well. I'm looking for some information about trading remotely with bright Trading.

    A bit about me: I am in Canada, and recently left SwiftTrade. The main reason I left was that I had to travel to work there, about 4 hours away, so I could only come home on weekends, and rarely got to see my son and wife. I managed to work there for aobut 2 months before I threw in the towel. However, I also had some concerns about Swift in my time there that helped my decision amking.

    I DID learn a lot (if nothing else, I recommend Swift for a few months for the experience) but I find a lack of imagination there, specifically the inability or unwillingness to have overnight positions, no matter how well hedged one is. I also didn't like the payout structure.

    All things being equal, I wouldn't have left Swift if the only issue I had was the travel. The other ones combined though made me realize that while I am a good trader, Swift's model is too restricting for me. I'm never going to be as sucesful scalping or doing rebates then I can using my own strategies.

    During my trading there, I was having succes with paris trading (among other things), doing quite well actually. However, to truly maximize my strategy, I needed to hold my positions for a few days at least. They werre protected against any sudden spikes or drops, but Swift still wouldn't let me.

    Anyways, I read a bit about Bright, and I understand that (please correct me if I'm wrong): 1) one can trade remotely 2) overnight positions are possible 3) decent payout structure

    Also, can you clarify for me the basic setup i.e. do I fund my account, and then use the companies levereage, or is it like Swift with no funding required? (my personal preferance would be to fund it myself, assuming a large payout % of course) If you do fund it yourself, how much leverage does the company offer? What is the minimum funding amount?

    Also, what is the fee structure for trading? Is it a set fee per share, or does it depend on the gateway?

    Basically, Any and all pertinent info you have to help me see the big picture would be much appreciated.

    You can answer me here if you'd like, or e-mail me at: