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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by El Cazador, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Def, I have tested the new demo of TWS for Futures and I notice the Rapid Order Entery doesn't work for futures. I found a notice in the documents at the IB site about it not working with anything but equities. So why is it included in the "Futures Trading TWS"? Is there a plan to make rapid order entry work for the e-minis? Thanks

  2. How did this end up in the announcements? I meant for it to be in the Futures section. How do I move it, Baron? Thanks

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    What is this new feature supposed to do? I don't see how it can get any faster than click on bid/ask click on Transmit.
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    It saves stocktraders the slow step of creating an order line and selecting a route. It allows fastest position entry/exit for a stock on the move, which is not on your IB watchlist.
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    the TWS is generic for any product. i.e. if you have a stock and a futures account, you could log in with either id on the same software. For example, i have 5 different accounts for markets around the world but only have one version of the software loaded on my desktop.

    You can remove the Rapid Order Entry fields via the page setup.

    The reason it was not programmed for futures is pretty simple. If you are trading a future, it is assumed that the future is already visable on your screen. Trading via a hot key or the mouse will be faster than entering a symbol.