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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by horseman, Aug 21, 2003.

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    If I receive an email I think might contain a virus and I do not open it, but save it as a text file, then read it with notepad, can I still get "infected"
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    Never open any attachment, from a non-trusted source. What you think may be a text file (could even have a text extension), could be an executable file, which could wreak havoc on your system.

    Dont' do it !
  3. the problem is that Outlook (Express) could trigger a "certain level" of execution if you just even look at the message ...
  4. No - if you save the attachment and then open it in notepad, you're not executing it, so the virus doesn't get a chance to run

    Just be careful that you don't misclick and accidently run the attachment by mistake.
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    And, frankly, don't even open them from a trusted source. Unless you've first scanned it with very recently updated virus definitions. Reason being, a close friend's Outlook may well be infected and sending out emails (with attached virus) to all on his address list, such as you.
  6. An easy way to look at strange emails in outlook express is as

    Right Click on the message and select properties
    select the details tab
    push the message source button

    It will come up with a text version of the message.

    Sometimes you will just see garbage if it is in mime format
    instead of plain text.
  7. While we're on this subject, I have a quick question.

    I have an email account that I have managed to keep spam free for 3 years by never opening an email from a source I don't know. Recently, I have started to get a few spams. In order to delete them I have to first highlight them in Outlook. This brings up a preview, even although I haven't actually opened the email yet. Does this 'preview' count as opening an email?, and if so, how can I delete it without first previewing it?
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    Thanks all for your replies.
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    I think preview counts, but not certain. I have turned off my preview function. One click simply highlights the message, two clicks opens it. One click, then "delete" and it's gone without my ever seeing any part of it.
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    Depends upon which email system you are using. For example, the web interface to outlook can allow a virus to execute just by going to your inbox if you have a certain unpatched version - see the ms website.

    If the email server admin turns off attachments, mime, and only allows text messages through then you would be ok: the problem is few email admins know how to do this - even at large companies with thousands of users. They rarely know how to pre-process mail on the server before it reaches the users.
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