Question for Canadian traders. Which is the best Swift Trade Location

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  1. I quit trading last year, got a job and saved enough this year by living with a couple of buddies who trade part time. Now I want to get back into trading full time and I'm thinking going prop is probably the best way to start trading again. My priority right now is to get into a office that has full time traders making money every day. My question for the knowledgeable prop guys is how difficult is it to get hired into Swift and which location do you guys suggest between Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton.
  2. With just those 4 choices? Calgary.

    But why swift?

    How difficult? hahahahahahahaha
  3. With swift I can trade with no money down and I can use my savings to pay my bills untill I get consistent. If there are better options I'm all ears.
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    Why Calgary?
  5. Given those choices i believe they make the most money and have the most traders, by far.
  6. Thanks for your input. That's where I decided to go, if I'm not profitable within six months I'm giving up day trading forever.
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    Hey Szeven, I don't believe you are telling the truth about the branch in Calgary. My honest opinion is that it doesn't matter which branch you go to, just pick the one close to you. And going to Calgary is definitely a bad choice because of the rising living cost. Either way you are on your own when comes to trading, particularly at Swift.
  8. Um, ok.

    Would you rather work at a branch where everyone makes 100 bucks a day or 5000 bucks a day?

    Your right, im not telling the truth.
  9. I got an interview call for Prop trader in Toronto branch, what should i prepare?
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    jesus. goodluck
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