Question for brainy math person: How to calculate new setting for ParabolicSAR

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by birdman, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. birdman


    I trade stocks and ETFs off a 1 minute chart. Default setting for ParabolicSAR is 0.02 / 0.2

    What i want to accomplish is make ParabolicSAR chart (on my 1 minute chart) exactly as it would, if i were running a 3 minute chart.

    Logic being, that in general i now use a second window, running 3 minute chart with ParabolicSAR at 0.02 / 0.2 and it serves as my trend identification.

    Said another way, I need to somehow adjust the 1 minute chart setting to show same results I'd get on 3 minute.

    I bet some of you math wizards will know exactly how? Thanks in advance!
  2. gaussian


    This really isnt a math problem, it's a data problem.

    You want parabolic SAR on the 1 minute to be "exactly like it is" on the 3 minute. Therefore, you need to code up a parabolic SAR with a setting that allows you to tell it the timeframe. There's no mapping from PSAR_1MIN -> PSAR_3MIN. It is not as easy as some constant multiple. The bar length changes the entire calculation.

    To summarize, make some indicator called PSAR_3MIN that is calculated based on the 3 minute chart. Then use it on the 1 minute chart. You cannot calculate the PSAR for 3 minutes from 1 minute in any way that is reliable. The only way that is reliable is to group the 1 minute bars into 3 minute bars...and therefore you've just used the 3 minute data anyway.
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  3. schweiz


    In Ninjatrader you can do this.
    In this screen there are 2 parabolics in the 1 min chart:
    • orange line is 1 min parabolic
    • orange dot is 3 min parabolic
    You can compare the dots in 1 min with the dots in 3 min. They are exactly the same.

    2019-01-11 21_52_16-ES 12-19 (1 Min) _ ES 12-19 (3 Min)  11_01_2019.jpg
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  4. RedDuke


    Was about the suggest the same on Ninja with multi time frame.
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  5. birdman


    Thanks for all the comments. I use TOS and i may have to continue watching 2 screens.
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  6. MotiveWave

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    You can do this in MotiveWave too.
    • Blue line is PSAR 1 min
    • Blue dots are PSAR 3 min
    Lots of formatting options/preferences too.

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