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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by brownsfan019, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. I really think ET can be a good site if the complete losers would just stay off of here. I am not one to start a new post asking for someone to be banned, but please take a look at this thread:

    You will see that this "Tommy" came to your forum asking for help and as soon as "Tommy" received it, became a complete and utter asshole. Then a "Zoo" appears and picks off right where "Tommy" left. Coincidentally both of these usernames have a small amount of posts.

    Normally I wouldn't bother posting here and wasting your time.

    HOWEVER, you will see on page 4 where "zoo" appears, this person starts attacking me for NO REASON. And the accusations are completely insane with no substance whatsoever. If you continue to read the thread you will see where "zoo" keeps at with me. Please keep in mind that I have no idea who "Zoo" or "Tommy" is, I was just offering some advice - the point of a public forum.

    While my tone may not have been professional, I have a real problem with a person attacking me personally when they have no clue who I am. This is ridiculous. This is the kind of stuff that ET does not need and this is the kind of stuff that turns people away from ET.

    I would appreciate you taking time to review this thread and if need be, delete it. It's a waste of your board space and apparently the "Tommy" and "zoo" don't want advice.

    I received a PM from Zoo saying that if I keep "stalking" them they are going to sue me. Zoo also says he/she is an attorney and will file legal action against me. Unreal...

    Another ET member sent me a PM saying that this "tommy" and "zoo" person is the same person that creates aliases and starts this bickering posts. Can you please check the IP addresses and if you see some consistency here, block that IP!!
  2. Although you started this in feedback out in the open...

    Out of curiousity...did you start this thread either because no action was performed by the moderators after you clicked on the complain button at the bottom of the problematic message or because the moderators or Baron failed to respond to you after you contacted them via private message???

    I asked the above question because I'm starting to see an increase in people complaining about someone in the feedback thread and I was wondering is in because the moderators or Baron do nothing after the complain button is used to notify them of problematic members.

    With that said...I just read that thread and it looks like tommy may have been a little harsh to scalper21.

    Later after reading that entire thread...seems like scalper21 and tommy didn't hang around after the profanity and name calling became more intense.

    Next...someone name Surdo called tommy a name...the word was piker.

    Next...tommy is obvious upset even though he doesn't know what a piker is nor the purpose of Surdo calling him that :D

    Surdo then explains what a piker is along with finishing off his sentence via calling tommy another name (surdo's second personal attack on tommy)...the word or personal attack was numbnuts.

    tommy responded by reminding surdo about the name calling and that he didn't want to do business with the guy because he consider it to be unprofessional.

    You then chimed in and tell tommy to calm down and not to personally attack anyone while not once saying anything about surdo's behaviour.

    I find that just a little odd. :confused:

    Zoo shows up and jumps on you by mentioning some things that may be consider by you as off-topic.

    You responded to zoo with the following quote:

    tradewiz50 chimes in and says the following to tommy...

    brownsfan019, your next post is this...

    I find it absurd you would say that after your other post and after the post by tradewiz50.

    zoo chimes back in and calls you a liar and didn't like your profanity.

    Ok...yes there are other posts in between but those post were by others trying not to get involved in the flame war.

    Why did I quote the above???

    In my opinion, although I don't think its possible, ET can be a lot better if each trader on both sides don't resort to name calling, profanity, personal attacks.

    Personal attacks via name calling was thrown first at tommy and you (brownsfan019) seemed oblivious to that fact via only telling tommy to calm down and stop attacking others. :confused:

    My point...tommy asked for help...

    He did not ask for surdo to chime in and start calling him names.

    I still find it odd you mentioned nothing about surdo's behaviour (in that thread nor in this post here in feedback) that started the flame war in the first place in my opinion.

    Everybody involvement here is like the following hypothetical example.

    Person A slaps Person B.

    Person B retaliates slaps Person A.

    Person C didn't like what Person B just did and tells Person B to calm down and its rude to hit.

    Person D shows up and yells at Person C.

    Person C yells back at Person D. becomes a fist fight when Person E and F show up while Person A and B are long gone although Person B is still being called the problem one especially via the fact that others doing the actual personal attacking aren't even mentioned by Person C.

    Person C goes and tells the cop what Person B did along with calling Person B an utter asshole along with suggesting either Person B or D should be banned by subtly mentioning the word banned.

    Person C than ask the cop to go look at what Person B did. :D

    brownsfan019, I agree with you in that this is the kind of stuff ET does not need and that includes your behaviour.

    Maybe you should have kepted this private and not post it in a public forum via either pm Baron or using the complain button.

    Further, I'm not calling any body names, no profanity from me and no personal attacking.

    I just reposted exactly what I consider to be key posts in the exact order particular events occurred in that thread.

    Person A, B, C, D, E et cetera...have a good weekend, be safe and be cool.

  3. Mark - I will say this, you sure do thoroughly analyze every situation while coming to a conclusion. This is off topic to this thread, but I always enjoy reading your posts even if I may not agree.

    Good Trading!
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    The vast majority of the time, we respond to complaint messages through editing/deleting posts, or warning/banning members. If the complain button is not used, then it shouldn't be assumed that the mods are aware of the problem.