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  1. Aphex,

    You know who this is, man. "Hot Soup!!"

    Anyway, do you recall a number of years ago that you were reading some book and returned home one day to find that your father have left a note on it for you? I want to say it was "Being and Nothingness" by Sartre, but perhaps I'm wrong. I seem to remember the book as a hardback, with a glossy black cover and white text...any maybe something to do with a 'zero' on it.

    Do you remember the book and what the note from your father said? Didn't it say something to the effect of: "this is pure shit and I need to speak with you immediately if you think there's any relevance to this at all." ?

    Anyway, I would've E-mailed you but I don't have your address.

    Give me a shout sometime.
  2. Yes, it was Paul Sarte's books titled, "Being and Nothingness." Basically, it is a thick book that says very little.

    My dad put a post-it note on the book that read, "Why are you reading this f***ing shit??? This guy was a French socialist idiot!!" (or something to that effect).

    After reading it for awhile, I had to agree with him, but at that time I was (unfortunately) going through an atheist time-period in my life. I have since gotten more wise.
  3. Wong Lee

    Wong Lee

    Apparently not.
  4. I personally owe a great afternoon to Satre. No Exit had me going for hours after I had finished it. Aphex, if you have not checked this one out, I suggest you do, especialy since you seem to be embracing christianity these days. Not since Dante has someone got me going on the concept of hell the way Satre managed to do. If you like it then get the unabridged "Huis Clos".