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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by WCOMtrader, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. I attempted to install a program on my computer. The computer froze and I terminated the program via alt+ctr+del.

    When I try to install it now, its installation client (Install Shiled) says that a previous version has been installed; that it must be unistalled first. It has an option to uninstall it, when I click yes, it says "Maintenence Finished." When I try to install - same thing.

    I went to ADD/REMOVE programs (I am using Windows XP HOME) - the program is there - when I try to uninstall it same thing happens as above, and it always remains on the current programs list.

    I deleted all the files from the C:\program files directory.
    I searched my hard drive for files to it: if found none.

    I went to the registry: deleted anything that had to do with it.

    However, every time that i open registry: it finds it again.

    (so that the windows xp add/remove screen doesn't see it. I take it the InstallShield sees its there and doesn't want to install)

    Please help!

  2. nkhoi


    gee, I just try to install stockwatch pro and got indentical prob, my guess is that it is not compatible with XP
  3. gnome


    Not on the point, but I once had a similar experience with a replaced CD-RW and driver... eventually lead to the complete reinstall of Win2000.

    Suggest you use a "go back imaging" feature before installing software and/or drivers. That way, you can revert your HD to the state before the install messed up your system. (I thought XP had this already?)

    Norton SystemWorks also has such a feature, which I use on my Win2K, and I'm sure there are others. :D
  4. Ken_DTU


    agree.. (not that it will help w/your current problem, but for future use) I've found the roxio 'goback' program invaluable, especially for when trying to install new drivers + programs, since some may not work correctly, you can 'revert' the drive to 1/2 hour ago or yesterday etc, or 10 mins ago, great way to test out new programs.. vs taking a long time to try and clean up the registry/uninstall programs completely.

    also helpful in case a virus etc gets in, you can revert the drive to an earlier timeframe.

    thx to whoever told me about it a long time ago, it's good, roxio goback..... also the free program and ad-aware for anti-trojans.

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  6. Ken_DTU


    hey thx nkhoi - i was looking for something like that - hadn't seen this one... it's a pita to go through and hand-edit and search w/f3 via regedit like I've been doing ... wonder if it catches vboxed install keys too :)

    thx !