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  1. Alex,

    Can you please let us know where you stand with the Stop function that I heard was going to be added to the platform?

    I am testing the platform currently with a firm who is very professional and have answered all questions about Laser that that they can.

    I can't be the only trader who would greatly INCREASE their volume on LASER if there was a built in stop or the ability to have the stop trial too.

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  2. Some of "it", is "in there" already. They have both SERVER-SIDE stops via their Level II STOP feature and CLIENT-SIDE (on your workstation) stops via the OMS module that is on the main command bar. Server-side stops mean you can shutdown or crash your workstation and the stops will still be "in-effect". Client-based stops mean your workstation must be up, connected, and in working order for the stops to be honored.
    Interface: It's not that pretty, but it works.
    I'm working on an Excel add-in that will allow:
    - Contingent orders
    - OCO/Bracket orders
    - Trailing stops with multiple method options
    With it's blistering speed, Laser's got a lot of potential.
    The GUI (user interface) needs much, MUCH work, but the functionality is there.
  3. Is there a current platform out there that allows server based stops AND allowing you to set a predfined trail with it?

    This can't be that difficult, and maybe I am missing something over the years but this would greatly benefit the trader, while giving the company/firm a real marketing pitch on a product.

    Take it a step further and pre market you can predfine all your parameters and have them set on your montage and off you go. Things need to be easy on the trader and a "no brainer" - even if there is slipage with the stops, I would love to see this.

    I trade a lot of NYSE on ARCA for rebate purposes and would easily double my volume if I could find a platform where it could be customized. I have not seen any of this on LASER, Redi or Lightspeed (they have simple stops) from what I have seen.


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  4. Please add a feature to customize the flashing column colors to user defined instead of always red/green, and also the interval in which they flash.
  5. Any platform that supports advanced orders can do it....that would include Options Express, ThinkorSwim, and several others. Programmable platforms also can do Tradestation and ESignal.

    The issue of server-side vs. client-side stops is important to understand. Trailing stop orders are dynamic...always changing.....almost like a stream of CAR(cancel and replace) orders....thus it's better to have them on the client-side. Fixed stop orders are best to have on the server side. However, unless you are talking about trading around the time of a Fed rate announcement, I'm not sure there is much difference in actual slippage between the server vs. client approaches.

    High speed scalping platforms like Lightspeed and Laser were just never provided with the complex GUI front-end to support contingent/advanced orders. Why ? Those platforms are mombo complex internally being written in multithreaded C++ code....and building a GUI to support advanced orders is no simple task.
  6. Sys, have you traded on Sterling?

    They have some stops, server side from what I was told and just read. As well, trailing abilities too.

    Your thoughts please?
  7. OCO/Bracket and Trailing stops on Laser?

    You do that and I'll name my first born after you. :p

    Can't wait!

  8. I use Sterling and they do have server side trailing stops with increments...and you can program it so that every new position automatically gets a trailing stop.
    I dont use the auto feature but I do use the server side sstops all the time.
    There have been a few times where trailing stops did not work. Which is kind of scary and which is why I dont leave them unattended.
  9. here's a pic of the level one order entry set for a trail stop..10cents in 10 cent increments
  10. Thanks for the info, I'm going to test Sterling out and see how it is...again, thanks!
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