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    I’m still in the middle of reading Anek's journal, about 400 pages in, but I have some questions.

    If anyone could answer them, I’d appreciate it.

    1) What kinds of bars does Anek end up using in the end?

    I’ve seen his charts in different places on Elite and they’re not all alike. Some are painted HL Bars. Others are painted Candlesticks. Others are painted HA Candlesticks.

    From what I’ve seen in the journal, it looks like he favors HA Candlesticks. Though I just saw one with normal bars.

    (Right now, in the journal, he favored HA bars for exits, but not entries.)

    2) Does he still favor the four color bars?

    Is so, what do the colors represents? The red, bright red, green, dark green. And sometimes white.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can clearly answer these questions.
  2. All I use now can be found on this chart.

    From today...

    One thing to note is that the journal covered AHG1, room is now at AHG3 so some major differences might be found.

  3. shakira


    You don't use the 1 min volume chart anymore?
  4. Yes, I use it to spot volume divergence and exhaustion, stop runs. etc.

    Sometimes I hit the 5 sec chart which is my version of reading the tape but ya, that's about it.

  5. vingbel



    Thanks for personally responding. What is AHG3? Is it a forum or a chat room or a blog? Can "outsiders" look in or do you have to become a member? If so, how do you do that and what's the address?

    Also, I have questions about your chart, which I will post later, but one easy question has to do with the four color bars. What do the darker vs lighter bars of blues/reds mean? I see they have to do with HH or LL based on previous bars, but I'd love to have you spell it out. Thanks, again for all your hard work.
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    Cool. Thanks.

  7. Here's an update to the world of AHG.

    The original plan was to pay it forward by presenting AHG 1 in the journal, basic trend following trading, basic money management, basic rules, to give newbies a head start. You can see how I started with a set of tools then ended up with a different working set, lot of evolvement can be witnessed there, I'm far and beyond a different trader from the one that created the journal. As time passed I kept polishing AHG 2.

    AHG 2 is new trend hunting trading along with more advanced money management and position management techniques and very little of that was presented in the journal except for basic reversal formations, full disclosure was only provided to hard working AHGers who were 100% dedicated to daytrading, chosen and filtered by me, mostly because the method is superior. An example of such trading can be witnessed in SusanaDT's journal which I personally mentored a few months ago and AHG2 is what I taught her.

    AHG 3 is the synergy of both along with some advanced techniques that I never discussed in ET and only shared with the now final group, the hard workers who became good friends over the course of time, a method that is very close to how I trade today.

    We have private chat rooms and forums but it's all private since we are now more of a community of trader friends moreso than some trading geek helping traders, they all help each other and I mostly keep them in control.

    The basics remain the same, no indicators, small stops, big targets, trend analysis on multiple time frames and zero snake oil sold or purchased.

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    What data feed and charts are you using? Do you notice any lag between trades taking place and the time it takes for your charts to reflect these trades? It would seem that even a fraction of a sec lag would be so critical at the 5 sec level.
  9. I use Multicharts with the Tradestation feed for major picture analysis and when we get to a critical point I rely on Zenfire as Tradestation sucks in this department.

    Price action is price action no matter the chart, here is a sample 5 sec chart of price reacting to a support pivot:

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