Question for Active Day Traders on Here.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kastro_316, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone.

    My question is, What is the best place to day trade. Like is it better to Day Trade at a firm or set up a Really good station at home and Day Trade at home.

    How many Day Traders here Trade at home????????

    Thank you
  2. AllenZ


    I trade at home and would not have it any other way. Many people I know need the discipline of trading at a firm with no distractions or comforts of home. For me i have a great work station, good internet connection, and all the convenience of a 20 second commute from my bedroom to my office. During the day when it is slow I can pay bills, make a phone call or two and watch Sportscenter.

    Bottom line is if you can make money at home......why leave!!!!

  3. a personal office with two PCs a few minutes away and a backup laptop at home.

    But I think home is better. I have the discipline to work from home but my 20 month old daughter that likes to jump all over my desk, scream at will and randomly smack the keyboard does not let me.

    It all depends on how much discipline you have.

  4. lescor


    Since you are just learning about daytrading, I would suggest you start by reading lots of the old threads here on elite. Most of your questions have probably already been answered. A recent thread had a lengthy discussion about home vs. office trading.
  5. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Kastro, I have to agree with lescor, and judging by the variety of your basic questions you haven't been doing a whole lot of due diligence. I noticed your signature:

    "Obssesion is just a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED"

    If that means that you're obsessed or dedicated to trading, then start reading the plethora of information on this site and you'll find answers to most things you can think of. Good luck.
  6. perr



    In this crazy world, do like AllenZ and me Perr do it like.
    AT HOME is the real way-to-go.

  7. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Trading at home can be an excellent lifestyle.

    No commute.
    No distractions that you get in an office.
    In an office, I found myself getting in trades based on what other people were doing which is not a good idea.

    While there is something to be said about the input you can get in the office, my firm works to overcome that by providing a voicechat room for all the at home traders. We can talk on that during the day. We also have pre-market meetings and often have midday meetings discussing the market and strategies.

    But if you are at home be sure that you:
    Keep the kids/wife/etc. out. Distractions are expensive.
    Have proper equipment - multiple screens are good.
    Have a UPS - indespensible.
    Treat it like "real" work, because it is.

    If you really want to do it right:
    Have 2 internet connections in case one goes down.
    Have 2 PC's loaded up with your trading program in case one goes down.