Question: Email alerts 24hrs before interest rate statements..

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Optionpro007, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. are announced.

    Is there a service like this out there ?

  2. I guess my question would be "why?"

    Just check the economic calendar of your choice.
  3. fair enough.

    My system covers all markets and I am streamlining the operation as much as possible.

    I don't trade the news, just want to keep myself informed as to the order in which statements are posted with the purpose of identifying trends in different regions around the world.

    I figured any of the FX companies out there would have some type of free statement alerts for their clients....


    p.s. do you happen to know the order in which statements are made public. I mean first boc, second ecb,...etc....?

    Thanks !
  4. Surdo


  5. Perhaps you could get a calendar program and key in weekly, what you want to be emailed to yourself...This way you maintain control.

    You could even gather statistical ranges and send little reminders to yourself on what you expect the day to be like..maintain your winrate and see if you can discover a statistical system...the ideas are limitless...Your email inbox could be filled up with emails of you talking to yourself. Sort of an interactive trade journal...or some may call it masturbation.

    You could even put birthdays and other longer term events in it, such as Wifey or Girlfriend gift giving...

  6. Each CB has it's own schedule on meetings. Some meet monthly, some quarterly, some 10 times a year, etc. There is no set schedule. what you need to do is what we ALL do. We download the calendars at the beginning of the month for that month. Then we make note of those events that we need to pay attention to.
  7. Thanks Ivan for the explanation, I appreciate it.

    Which calendars are you refering to when you say download?

    or this
    type of calendars ?

    Thanks again !