Question and challenge Is there a person on the planet can double his capital only once every year?

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  1. lifefx20


    hello all members
    an important question .. in the form of an open challenge
    is there anyone who can double his capital every year?

    i mean is there anyone who can achieve 100% annually of Forex?

    This challenge you may see is easy or simple or you say that 100% per year is a simple thing

    I don't want someone who earns 20% or 30% a month because it's already impossible

    But the challenge is there anybody who can earn in a year 100% of the capital ???

    I'll tell you a simple equation ..

    If there is someone who can earn 100% a year, if it starts with a capital of $ 10,000, they will become $ 10 million after 10 years !!!

    I offer you this simple equation

    Starting $ 10,000

    After a year they become $ 20,000

    After two years they become 40,000 dollars

    After three years they become 80,000 dollars

    After four years they become 160,000 dollars

    Five years later they become $ 320,000

    After six years they become 640,000 dollars

    After seven years they become 1.28 million dollars

    After eight years they become 2.56 million dollars

    Nine years later they become 5.12 million dollars

    Ten years later they become 10.24 million dollars

    Conclusion :

    If there is someone who can only earn 100% per year
    If it starts with a capital of $ 10,000, they will become $ 320,000 in five years and become $ 10 million in 10 years

    Accordingly, the challenge will be:

    anyone can offer us a real account statement for 5 years that earns 100% annually
    And if he has no ...

    anyone offer us any account statement to any Arab, foreign, Chinese or Russian
    Or anyone on the planet earth that has been able to achieve 100% annually of its capital for five or 10 years

    Do not tell me these responses are unacceptable : ....

    "Yes, I know people who win more than this."
    "I personally earn double the number"
    "I know traders make millions of dollars from Forex"

    please all these responses are unacceptable
    The reason is that it is easy and easy to talk. I can tell you that I earn 50% in a month or I know people who make money and make millions of dollars from Forex.

    The only thing acceptable is evidence.

    The proof is a real account statement ....
    5 or 10 years account statement for a person who only earns 100% per year

    I think such a person is not exist
    I believe that if he exists, he will become a national wealth and will deal with banks and international institutions and large banks or even major countries
    If there is a person who can double the capital every year once, this person would become a real legend
    It was a national wealth and dealt with the major banks and major economic companies in the world

    Eventually the challenge is still open

    Awaiting responses

    Let us give us clear and unequivocal evidence of that person's existence
  2. IAS_LLC


    I earn twice this amount. But what's in it for me to share my non-russian account statements?
  3. danielc1


    How did they build a piramid in Egypt? I mean the blocks are so heavy. How did they do it without a machine? They can not be that old, because if one you look at the age of the building there where no heavy duty equipment. So it must be not real, because no one build one today. I challenge to build a new piramid in Egypt.
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  4. bbpp


    OP should offer some benefit in order for someone to show you.
  5. lifefx20


    What is the evidence for this talk?
    I can tell you that I saw a winged dragon yesterday flying over the surface of our city .. Will you believe me?
    But where is the evidence?
  6. lifefx20


    who build pyramids already dead .... so i can not have evidence from them ..

    but i ask from you ... you are a live

    so i am waiting for evidence

    the rule is :

    if you do not offer your evidence so you do not have it .......
  7. bbpp


    If someone can do it, why he care if you believe it or not.
  8. Why should anyone give a fuck what challenge you issue?
  9. bbpp


    Those who hold a challenge always offer some prizes.
    Where are your prizes, OP?
  10. lifefx20


    why you are angry my friend ? o_O
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