Question about YM and ES comissions

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by TGpop, Aug 31, 2009.

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    ....yeh so what is the spread whenever i trade these futures? And what would be the comission for YM , i know ES is about $4 rt
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    it's not the comission, im wondering how big the spread is in these futures, or is there a way to get no spread trading with a higher RT?

  3. Lemme' understand this, you are looking to buy on the bid and sell on the offer?

    The spread is set by the CME/CBOT exchange, not the IB.

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  4. TGpop


    so what is the spread?
  5. I learn that the first day I traded back in 2002 :D :D :D

    Google it :confused:
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    If you mean what's the usual spread between bid and ask for the YM and the ES, the answer is 1 tick most of the time. YM can be a little wider once in a while.
  7. BTW I have seen it as mutch as 2 tks AH
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    o lol! i lied you fool of course i didnt make 78k in a day im 15 lol.

    no i don't mean the difference between the bid/ask, but people are telling me that when trading eminis there is a spread like in forex???
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