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Discussion in 'Economics' started by lasner, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. lasner


    I'm thinking about going back and getting an MBA.

    Somebody told me that you could get into Wharton by going at night and then transfer to full time.

    Anybody have any suggestions about how to get in?

    I graduated from the University of Delaware with a 2.9

    I know I know....I'm a dreamer....I'm an idiot...blah blah....I'll never get. Please save me the jokes and give me some real advice.
  2. I believe that concept works if you want to get into a school's undergraduate program. But I can't imagine that would work for an MBA program, especially at a top 5 MBA program. Everybody would do it.
  3. lasner


    Yeah I know neither can I....a guy I used to work with told me that was how his sister did it.

    I just wanted to through it out and see how credible it is
  4. lasner


    I worked in a bank and a customer came in and I started talking to him.

    He told me he went to a secondary undergrad school but graduated from Wharton. He said the same thing he did it at night.
  5. rosy2


    i dont know about wharton but columbia in nyc is also prestigous and one of my roommates from college has an mba from there. he wasnt too bright
  6. lasner


    I'm sure he was bright though
  7. If you're coming out the gate with a 2.9 gpa you have some making up and proving yourself to do.

    Enroll in a good MBA program and do it one step at a time, one class at a time ... this is the only decision that makes sense. At the end of your term the proof will be there or it won't that you have turned yourself around.
  8. lasner


    I could go back to the U of D and get my MBA there. I could get it done in about a year.

    The only MBA programs that are worth getting in my opinion are ones from top 10.

    I've been in the work world for quite some time and realize the only way to truly get ahead and make something out of yourself is through additional education.

    An average MBA program just isn't going to cut it. To do the things I truly want to do require something more.

    I was interested in trading on wall street. I was thinking about maybe going the CFA route.
  9. Don't do it... MBA is such a dog shit of a degree no matter which overrated and shitty college you get it from.
  10. lasner


    How much does it really help. All I know is an undergrad degree doesn't get you shit and an MBA from average school doesn't get you shit either.
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