Question about vehicles..

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Matt24SPFL, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. It's about that time here within the next 90-120 days for me to get another vehicle. There are plenty of successful people on here and I am sure you all love your toys. I have a few vehicles that I am interested in and I would absolutely love some feedback. I am going to get these vehicles from leasetrader, as, a vehicle is a depreciating asset and I like to have different vehicles all the time.

    1) GMC Yukon Denali
    2) BMW 6 series
    3) Mercedez Benz S class or possibly AMG if payment is low enough
    4) Lincoln LS
    5) Cadillac CTS
    6) Infiniti G35 or FX35

    any other suggestions on some not so outrageously priced luxury SUVs and or sedans?

  2. LOL, this is EXACTLY the first thing I wanted to read this morning after having a late night trading and waking at 5am to hit the gym..

    I'm sorry that you're trading4fun and not making any money so you're bitter.

    I'm also sorry that you don't like how some of my favorite vehicles are made in different countries.

    I am not sorry, however, that your hatred for mankind is going to blind you from all the love I offer here and you're going to end up dead, 10 years earlier than expected, on 15 different medications for your 'depression.'
  3. :eek: Good response! I'd buy the Benz or BMW, but I wouldn't buy new. Let some poser take the hit up front. You'll still get a quality vehicle and probably still have plenty of warranty left so long as you don't buy a high miler.
  4. A few months ago I test drove a 6-series coupe, an SL500, SL55 AMG, and a Lincoln Navigator. I didn't care about the Navigator because it was for my gf. But the other cars were going to replace my daily driver. The 6-series is solid and bigger than the MBZs. The MBZs are very low to the ground and you sit in a fairly horizontal position. They are small; I am 6'1 and can barely fit them. The 6-series is far roomier.

    Anyway I ended up getting none of them except the Navigator. I decided I'm gonna blow all my dough on another vehicle instead.