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    Right now it sits at 9.6%, with millions losing their benefits and not filing any longer and also some who have stopped looking for work, wont the unemployment rate automatically start to drop moving forward???

    I just find it amusing that some of these figures arent accounted to for as those who are unemployed for an extended period of time are not counted for in the figures.
  2. Eventually, we will have a 0% unemployment rate, while 50% of the public is living in a cardboard box.
  3. It should. What I would like to know from our members in Europe and elsewhere is how do their respective countries calculate the unemployment rate? Is it done like the BLS where the don't count those whom have run out of benefits, give up looking, underemployed?
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    You need a proctologist and a flashlight to see where those numbers come from. :)

  5. Flashlight is not required because from the duodenum down to the ileum is translucence galore - can be used for house lighting if electricity gets turned off in the pisspot economy.

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    calm down, no need to get all crazy. good info.
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  9. BLS also publishes the U6, as well as other numbers, so there's no conspiracy. You just need to seek and ye shall find. As to how this is calculated in other economies, the methodology is pretty much the same.
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