question about: ts 8 + owndata + esignal

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by G.Galilei, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. hallo,

    im interested in using tradestation 8 and esignal with owndata...

    atm i use ts2000i and i think its time to change the platform. corrupted workspaces and randomly gs crashs are not really funny.

    but i have some doubts about how useful this will be:

    when i want a forex realtime chart on the ts2ki platform then i have to plot a tickdata chart. the problem comes up if u want a daily, weekly and monthly realtime forex chart. i dont have them right now because the global server takes too long. a 5month daily chart takes A LOT OF TIME.

    the esignal software needs for 20 years of a monthly forex realtime chart about2 seconds. the esignal software simply loads only the datas really needed and seems to be able to combine different kinds of datas in one chart.

    the question is now, how comfortable will ts 8 work with owndata? can it reach the esignal performance or is it wide behind it? it wont work of course, if i still need the whole time span as tickdatas to be able to plot a forex realtime chart.

    it would be really nice to be able to do the same with ts 8 and owndata. but i dont know anybody using this setup and so i have to use the forums.

    pls let me know ur experience with owndata+ ts 8 @ esignal forex datas or make a quick test if possible. also ur computersystem would be nice to know.

    KING regards