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  1. Hello, I am a college student who will be graduating in a year. Before asking my question, I will describe my situation. I am a 21 year old middle class male. Over the past three years, I have become extremely interested in investing and finance, and have been not only researching trading methods heavily, but also making a little money trading myself(There are opportunities in both bear and bull markets if you know where to look)

    Sometime ago, I have become friends with a woman my age who comes from a very wealthy family with a large charitable and business empire. They are extremely classy and astute, with a net worth in the nine figures(100mm plus) i admire their tradition of building their empire abit each generation and their position in this world. My friend is a brilliant and poised woman who is very assertive and a dynamic speaker. She, also having an interest in finance, is likely to take over the Family empire which has evolved into a kind of hedge fund. While I am good at certain specific forms of investment analysis, she is much better at the big picture.

    I would love to one day be employee within her empire. Nothing would make me happier than to one day be her top analyst. Many of my friends think that it is more "manly" to aspire to build ones own empire and that it is Un-American to want to be a "lackey" to a rich family. However, I would be proud to follow in the footsteps of my father, who had a great employee career, while she would probably be proud to follow in the footsteps of her father who build up the family empire. She woukd make a great upper class leader/fund manager and I would be great as one of her analysts.

    My question is the following: Do you think it is old fashioned, if rather than wanting to be a megarich CEO/owner like my friend will be(which would mean building my own fund), I instead aspire to remain roughly in the class that I was born into and have a great career as an analyst for her company? Our country places so much emphais these days on rising out of one's class and being an "entrepreneur." I would tremendously appreciate your thoughts.

  2. 1) Keep control of the things that you have control over.
    2) It's very possible that after you graduate, she will move onto to "bigger and better" things without you.
    3) Keep on good terms with her but don't be wimpy, clingy, deferential nor unmanly. :cool:
  3. I love your attitude Larry.

    There is no shame in wanting financial stability, without aspiring to build a four story gold pile, a la scrooge-mcduck. The path to extreme money and power is fraught with many ego-traps. An out of control ego has kept many otherwise successful people from attaining any happiness or peace in life. In the end, being the richest guy around is a game that you can't win. If you can attain financial stability and live a happy life, you have made it, IMHO. A lack of interest in extreme money and power is an enlightened attitude, rather than something to be ashamed of.

    It takes most people decades (mid-life crised type shit) to come to the same conclusions that you have already made as a 21 year old.

    Congrats, dude.

    P.S. If your friend offers you a job, take it.
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    You're still too young to have learned this lesson, probably. I don't think I had a full grasp of it at 21. But ideally, you shouldn't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks about what you choose to do. Don't put any energy into caring what other people think about it. It's a lesson that should carry into all aspects of your life. If you want a full life, try to accept the lesson from Rick Nelson: 'you can't please everyone, so ya gotta please yourself'
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    what country you in?
    your friend <b>might</b> be a megarich ceo/owner but more likely will not.
    if you're in the usa its unique that your ambition is to not have ambition.
  6. I think this OP is fictitious, designed to solicit attention and jerk the readers around.
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    Every time you have to make a important or just a decision. Remember you cant trust anyone. And everyone sells out for advancement.

    Just remember that