Question about trading emini's as a career

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Robertwiz, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. This is a great post,

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  2. I second that motion, since all markets are basically driven by the mechanics of fear and greed, especiallly in markets like forex where price loves to bounce off daily S&R levels. Its not that hard, IF you know what to look for...

    Anyone who thinks the market is mostly random is a person who lacks the skills to know how to read/analyze the market.
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  3. Thats a careless & unethical thing to say.
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  4. cvds16


    yes, it can be done, I am in a chatroom with several succesfull traders, we each have our own way of trading, so we don't copy each other. Some of them are doing really big size. You got to find your own way though, that will take years of spending a dedicated 10 hours in front of a screen. Anybody telling you this can be done in six to 12 months doesn't know what he is talking about. Then hopefully you start to catch on ...
    I don't believe in sim-trading, only real money gives you the emotions of real trading, but trade with a fx with a nano-account is my advice; e-minis are too big a size for most to start with. Consistancy is key.
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  5. If there were an EliteTrader Post Hall of Fame . . . I nominate this one!!!
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    This is a discussion in speculation in zero-sum futures is it not?
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    At least 30 money management rules for day trading? That's a whole lotta rules. Could you elaborate on what your rules are? :confused:

    Thanks and a happy retirement to you!
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